Critique my listing - Melissa, Pioneertown CA

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Palm Desert, CA

Critique my listing - Melissa, Pioneertown CA

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@Melissa-Morgan0 You have a gorgeous listing! I'd have to agree with @Huma0 that some of the pictures look a bit blurry though, perhaps replacing those is already a step in the right direction. 🙂

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@Melissa-Morgan0 Nice listing! You seem to have a lot to offer guests. A few suggestions:


- That is a LOT of photos. I would try to edit them down by removing any that are repetitive.

- Think about the order of the images. The first five photos are the ones that appear on your listing landing page before guests click to view more photos. So, make sure these are the ones that best show off your place and show a variety. At the moment, your first several photos are exterior shots. You have some nice interior shots so highlight them! Mix it up so that guests straight away get an idea on the landing page of both interior and exterior without having to scroll for ages.

- It's best to use landscape format rather than portrait as, otherwise, the Airbnb layout can crop these weirdly. That's especially important for the first five shots.

- You have nice images, but some of them seem out of focus or maybe pixelated. Try to replace these with higher resolution images.

- Your listing description is extremely long. In my experience, most guests won't read that much. Try to edit it down, e.g. summarise, list the most attractive amenities, not every single one (there is an amenities list below for this), include some info about the location, but put the rest of the detail about that in the Where you'll be section. You have already captioned your photos, which is good. If you have the finer details about each space in the captions, you don't need to put all of that in your description. Guests tend to look at photos more than they read long texts.


Anyway,  seems like you are doing well already. I am sure your listing will be a success! 

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