Critique my listing

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Richmond, VA

Critique my listing

I have been on Airbnb for a few months I had my first guest in December, I want to know if it's anything I can do to make my listing better. 


🏡 View on AirbnbHome in Richmond · ★5.0 · 3 bedrooms · 6 beds · 2 bathrooms

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Hi there @Kimberly1104 👋


Just popping by to tag a few of our Hosts in here that could help with some critique and feedback  @Natalie1262 , @Marisa182@James3814 and @Jennifer3187  if you have an opportunity would you like to have a look at Kimberly's listing? We'd really value your insights. 😊


Thank you so much in advance, 
Rebecca 🌟 



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Hello @Kimberly1104,


Your place is very nice. To improve the listing, maybe you add more information about what is inside? Like special things in bedroom or bathroom. Good pictures can really help to bring in new guests. Also, taking comments from your first guest is important because it helps you see where you need to get better – like how well you talk with people, how clean the place is, or what things are provided for them. Keep up the good work!




Thank you! James, I will take your advice, I wanted to add more pictures but I heard that you shouldn’t have too many pictures. And I will add more information about my rooms. This was very helpful thanks again.