Determining CTR and finding best image

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Determining CTR and finding best image


Does anyone know how to determine your listings CTR (click through rate).

Im trying to gauge how well my listings are doing.

Ive got a bit of experience with google and FB ads, but the metrics in Airbnb arent that great.


Right now Im taking the page clicks divide by the page impressions.  Would this be right?


Secondly, has anyone used google or FB ads to determine winning (best performing) images and headlines (descriptions)?



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I m actually looking to find the same info, where i can find the impressions? I only found how many clicks my listing had but not hoy many impressions so i cant get the CTR

Hello! It's great that you're looking to gauge the performance of your listings and optimize them. Let's break down your questions:

1. Calculating Click-Through Rate (CTR) for Airbnb Listings: You're on the right track. The formula you mentioned, which is Clicks divided by Impressions, is a common way to calculate CTR. In the context of Airbnb listings, you can apply this formula as follows: CTR = (Clicks / Impressions) * 100

This will give you the CTR as a percentage. It helps you understand how effective your listing is at getting clicks relative to the number of times it's shown (impressions). Higher CTR indicates that your listing is attracting interest.

2. Testing Images and Headlines (Descriptions) with Google or Facebook Ads: While Google and Facebook ads are useful platforms for testing images and headlines, they might not directly correlate with Airbnb listings due to differences in user intent and behavior. However, you can still apply similar principles to optimize your Airbnb listings:


A. Testing Images:


  1. Variations: Create different versions of listing images. You can try showcasing different parts of the property, highlighting unique features, or varying the overall aesthetic.
  2. Split Testing: Rotate these images over time, keeping track of which images get more clicks and potentially bookings.
  3. Observation: Pay attention to guest reviews and comments to see if specific images are more positively received.

B. Testing Headlines (Descriptions):


  1. Variations: Experiment with different headlines that highlight various aspects of the property, such as location, amenities, or unique selling points.
  2. Guest Feedback: Pay attention to any feedback guests provide about what attracted them to your listing.
  3. Metrics: While Airbnb doesn't provide detailed metrics, you can still track changes in booking rates after making adjustments to your descriptions.

Remember that optimizing Airbnb listings is a process that requires experimentation and ongoing refinement. Keep an eye on both quantitative metrics (like CTR) and qualitative feedback (like guest comments and reviews) to understand what's working and what needs improvement.


If you're really looking for insights into which images and headlines are most effective, you might consider setting up A/B testing on your own website or landing page, as you have more control over the content and tracking.


Lastly, remember that the performance of your listings can also be influenced by other factors, such as pricing, reviews, and overall market demand. It's important to consider these factors holistically when assessing the success of your Airbnb listings.




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Hey Andy, you might want to add Airreview extension to your browser. it will bring a table with all conversion information under performance tab. You will see CTR, booking rates, first page rate