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St Thomas, Canada

Digital guidebook

The links in my guidebook are live but none of the pictures show.  Any ideas?

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Stellenbosch, South Africa

Hi @Rachel2915 

Your guidebook looks like it has pictures for each link, I can't see anything wrong (the book looks like mine, only much more comprehensive!). It's possible that I'm looking for the wrong pictures?

Hi @Rachel2915 

I was also able to view your Guidebook with pictures. Here is the link:


Airbnb does have a known "glitch" with Guidebooks though. Sometimes if you have a large Guidebook (according to Airbnb, that andy Guidebook over 25 entries), the system will may crash when trying to view it. It also depends on whether you are trying to view on a laptop or a phone. BTW....You can change the order of entries on your phone, but not on a laptop computer....go figure.


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Community Manager
Port Moody, Canada

Hello @Rachel2915, welcome to our community.


Building on the observations from our amazing Hosts, I reviewed your wonderful guidebooks and want to congratulate you—they look fantastic 🌟! Has everything been resolved on your end?


Please keep us posted.



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