Do You Allow Cats?

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Do You Allow Cats?

Hello All,


For the second time in 3 months I’ve declined a request that included a cat. I’ve edited my listing: “Cabin unsuitable for children and cats.”  Our listing specifically states that we are dog friendly.  


My questions to the Community:  

1)  Will Airbnb drop my position in the listings because I’ve declined 2 requests in 3 months?


2)  Are there other out there Hosts who accept cats?  (I am a cat lover who is cognizant of the behavioral issues and potential damage when a cat is brought into a new environment).  If you do, how do you structure the Security Deposit (because I’ve read that Airbnb doesn’t support claims for damage done by pets)?


Thanks so much for your feedback!




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Yep. I find it really really sad and unfortunate that hosts dont act as if cat's are legitimate pets. Ive had both dogs and cats, and my cats have never caused me any property damage where as dogs have chewed on things, had potty training issues, cause noise... It's really messed up that there's this bias against cats. 


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@Cathryn27  we allow pets-- cats, dogs, guinea pigs, whatever. We have had several cat stays that have had zero issues. Only once did we ave damage and it was from a dog chewing. Cats have been great guests overall. 


We ask guests to put their litter boxes in one spot with some kind of barrier-- newspaper etc against the floor. We provide instructions on clean up and disposing of pet debris whether its cat or dog. In two years and over 100 guests no problems whatsoever with cat damage. 


I don't know about your listing dropping in rankings. It might. If you do anything not recommended by ABB (raise prices, reject guests) you can usually see a dip for a few days until it bounces back. Adding pics or updating info might help as that often gives you a bounce in search. 

Hello I have just been made homeless and have a very well behaved healthy house cat looking for accommodation  for both of us just until my house purchase goes through which will be in a week or so, please help, would really appreciate some guidance, kind regards sener and honey20220701_162351133.jpg

@Cathryn27  You know what happens when your listing is really high in the so-called search ranking? You get more inappropriate requests from people who didn't utilize search filters, and more guests who aren't an ideal fit for your offering. 


The consequences of declining an ill-fitting booking really pale in comparison to the consequences of hosting it.



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@Cathryn27Hi.....I have only had one time a guest bring their cats..2..they were fine, no issues at all.  Like Laura my issue has been dogs, my throw rug in the kitchen was chewed, not horribly and I still use it, hoping other dog owner guests will see it and think twice about whether their dog likes to chew.  One other time I had a guest bring 2 large dogs and my nice duvet cover had a significant tear in it, which I can only guess the dog did jumping onto the bed.  I have a guest coming tomorrow for 9 days bringing a dog and parakeet, I'll let ya know how that goes, if I remember in 10 days  =^\

Yep. I find it really really sad and unfortunate that hosts dont act as if cat's are legitimate pets. Ive had both dogs and cats, and my cats have never caused me any property damage where as dogs have chewed on things, had potty training issues, cause noise... It's really messed up that there's this bias against cats. 


The biggest issue I have with cats is the shocking amount of people who are SEVERELY allergic to them.  I can't spend more than about 30 minutes in a house that has had a cat in it without becoming very itchy, wheezy, and miserable.  I could never sleep in a bed that has been touched by a cat, it would ruin my entire trip.

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@Cathryn27   I too allow dogs in our listing--have on one occasion allowed someone with several birds in cages.  It was a one night stay as they were traveling through the area.  I have hesitated to allow cats simply because as a retired veterinary technician and long time cat owner I am very aware of the issues that can arise in a new environment.  I am surprised to hear from other hosts who have never had any problems and that makes me question my position!  I am interested to hear from other hosts and how they handle cat issues.

@Kim866 we have 3 cats-- one of whom we found as a starving kitten on the property of our Airbnb. They all have different temperaments. Our oldest guy will complain with travel but settles in after one sleepless night for all of his complaining meowing. The diva female and youngest one immediately explore the space and settle in. When we stay at our space for a weekend, we bring the little one to give the other two a break. He readily gets in his carrier, even to the vet, and we never hear a peep or have an issue. I have many pics of his antics in our cottage on social media. He and the dog are our weekend travelers.


We stayed for a month during lockdown and had the whole furry family. Even with barn cats from a house down the way roaming the yard our cats had zero issues. There was no peeing outside boxes, no shredding furniture etc. I think you have to know your cat. As a foster mom volunteer with pet rescue for years, yes, there are many timid pets who are not great candidates for travel. But just to assume that one species will be bad while another is fine seems a little short-sighted to me.  The answer seems to be to exclude pets in general if a host is really concerned about damage from them. 

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@Kim866  The reason I do not accept cats is my allergy to some kinds of cat fur -- fluffy Persian cats especially. People often let cats on the couch where they are sitting, and cats rub on furniture that I must clean to remove the fur for the next guest. I accept dogs, and when I have to clean the fur stuck on the couch and bedding (our rules do state no dogs allowed on furniture), I do not have to use my inhaler. Pets do seem to need cleaning up after, which some owners neglect, so I charge $25 for accepting them. I like pets, and have traveled in Air B&B's with my African Grey parrot. I always ask the owner before I bring my bird, she has a travel cage, and I spend some time removing any stray feathers or seeds before check out.

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I just read that people’s top search requests are for pet friendly places on Airbnb. I allow cats and dogs, but I specify that male cats must be neutered. Just because male spray smell is impossible to remove. I love cats and dogs and it is nearly impossible to find lodging (hotel or AirBnB) that allow cats. I have been in that exact situation so I have empathy for guests traveling with pets! I have had a lot of guests with cats and dogs and they have been wonderful! The only problem was getting the dog hair out and off of everything but that is rare. I also mention in my house rules that guest’s pets cannot get on furniture, but honestly I don’t think anyone has followed that rule, but it really hasn’t been a big deal. I list on my check out instructions online and printed that owner must remove litter box, piddle pads, etc upon leaving or a fee will be added. I have never had any problems with that either. I don’t allow certain breeds of dogs (known to be aggressive type) due to my home insurance policy which is true. The dogs must be dog friendly and people friendly or the guest will have to board them. I know it sounds like a lot of rules, but laying out the specifics has resulted in wonderful guests and pets.

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I have been declined because I have cats several times. I hope Airbnb or the hosts will in the future note if only dogs are accepted rather than broad term of pets allowed. Wasting time looking for a place accepting cats.  

@Sandra4316 come see us! We are happy to host you and your cat 🙂


I really do not understand this anti-cat bias from hosts. In 3 years and over 150 stays we have never had any of the problems with cats that people seem to think occur. 

Agreed - Airbnb should have a separate setting so you can enable whether you (as a host) accepts dogs or cats or both. This will make the search results more tailored to the guest. 

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We are cat lovers 😍! At various times, we've had as many as 20 in our care (living outdoors of course, but we take care of them). We currently have 3 that live with us in our house. Incredible creatures! 




We expressly do not allow pets in the villa. Aside from the potential for "mismanagement" of the pet resulting in additional clean up, some guests are highly allergic, especially to cats. It takes a lot to remove every hair, every smell, every problem. We don't need a guest becoming allergic, nor the hassles of the residues of "other people's pets". 


Sorry, we'd love to host your pet, but it's a business. No pets. Sorry.