Earnings feature is GONE

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Irvington, NJ

Earnings feature is GONE

Today 6/25/2020.

The earnings feature is GONE. It's not there under performance where it was or under opportunities as suggested by otherd or anywhere.  How are we supposed to keep track of our monthly income?  Totally unacceptable. 

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Appreciate the feedback, Rob. I don’t know why either. Being an American company, you would think that this would be the first territory that would see any upgrades. But I guess not. To be honest, though, there have been site glitches on this app since the company’s inception. I was one of the first hosts here in Los Angeles. Anyway, as I say, I appreciate the feedback. Hopefully they will get it together out here.

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Mount Barker, Australia


We seem to have trodden a similar path mate.I have been hosting for 9 years now, 7 of them with Airbnb and I open my listing to Airbnb for a limit of 250 nights per year, and year after year we come within a handful of filling that allowance. This was our last assessment a month ago.......

Superhost assessment h.png

I have held Superhost status for the last 32 assessment periods.

I have however learned since I started hosting with Airbnb to not place too much trust in what Airbnb offers. I use them as a reservation platform but nothing else. In over 800 Airbnb stays I have never lodge a claim against a guest.....and I never will. That is not to say I have had a string of perfect guests......I have had my fair share of guest issues but, it has been up to me to allow for them and sort them out as they come along.


Spencer, I thank Airbnb for what works and I don't hassle them for what doesn't! I am so thankful for the Airbnb Community Centre that has given me so much first hand information on how to sort out 'The wheat from the chaff'!!!



Thank you.  I thought I lost my mind.  It was wonderful for the week it lasted.  I hope they bring it back!!

I thought I had lost my mind as well lol.  I also hope they bring it back, it was very easy and convenient.

That is the feature I'm searching for because it's super helpful for tracking monthly data, not just income. However, when I updated to the new "Listing" version of the app, the monthly reports disappeared even when clicking on each month. I even tried finding it on my laptop thinking maybe they just removed this feature from the mobile app... nope, it's not available on a PC either, grrr! In the new version, you can't click on the month anymore and all that useful data is now gone. I sat down to file my quarterly taxes and poof! All my data is no longer accessible. Super frustrating. I hope they add this feature back in VERY SOON!

I thought I was losing my mind.  I saw it this morning on the app and now, just a few hours later, poof.....it's gone.  What gives????

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Beatenberg, Switzerland

Just had the same thing happen in Switzerland.  We had the earnings bar graph under Insights > Performance / Earnings.  Suddenly this week...Poof...Gone into thin air.  We were using this on our PC.  Checked logging in to Airbnb using different browsers (Chrome, Firefox, MS Search).  All the same.  Checked on the mobile app.  Also gone.


As Robin4 mentioned, we also were seeing the upgraded version which would show the monthly breakdowns which was a great improvement on an already great Earnings Bar Graph before it disappeared. 


Contacted Airbnb Support asking what has happened?  Specifically, I asked "Has Airbnb removed this report or is it found somewhere else that we had not discovered?"  Simple question with a simple yes or no answer.  Wishful thinking on my part.  I got the ever friendly run-around with no specific answer and a quick "Can I go ahead and close this case?" 


Such a shame.  It was a great and useful earnings report for hosts.  Hope that they decide to bring it back.

Well after many calls and messages from diifferent people that were no help. I was told toniight that was theiir poliicy if I didn't like it I could write them and then he closed the case. i was what policy I lost my earnings tab. So got mad called again after  trying to get thiis girl to understand she said hang on came back saiid log out of air bnb and log in again.I did and I have the earniings tab back. I hope ths helps someone.




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I still can not see the monthly earnings graph - does anyone have any insight into when this will be added back?