Guest allowed to book less than minimum number of nights

Guest allowed to book less than minimum number of nights

Our standard minimum is 3 nights.  We have a few dates that are 4 night min.  We had a host book 3 nights under dates that were all clearly set as a 4 night minimum.  This was a problem last year, but to my knowledge they were only allowed to request to book (we have instant booking), but this time the guest booked 3 nights, all of which were set for 4 night min.  In fact we have a 5 night stretch that were all set w 4 night minimum and the 3 nights was booked right in the middle.  So we contacted the guest and let them know they could either book an additional night or we will have to call Airbnb and get them to cancel the reservation.   The guest chose to add a night so it all worked out, but this is a real pain.  This is apparently a glitch that needs to be handled by Airbnb.

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I have had this happen at least eight times since I have been hosting that Airbnb allows bookings on dates blocked in my calendar. This has been going on for six years and they have yet to do anything about it @Jeff-and-Judy1 

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I'm having the same issue. Any luck with customer service?

Hi @Jeff-and-Judy1 

Hmmm...were you using a Rule Set to set your min stay? If so, you would have to add day of the week check-in/check-out restrictions in addition to the min stay on the Rule Set. Otherwise, if the booking just "touches" the 4 day min it will be allowed. This is an ongoing issue with the way the Airbnb system works. The first day of your reservation is all that matters in terms of minimum night stays. If the reservation starts on a date that you have no restrictions for min stays (or different than your longer min stay restrictions) and just "touches" a day or days you have set a min, it will still be allowed. This is the reason for adding check-in & check-out day restrictions to the min stay Rule Set to prevent guests from doing this.