Help with my listing

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Help with my listing

I listed on January 26. I haven’t gotten a booking yet. Could someone look at my listing and make some suggestions of how to get customers to book my home. Help!


Farm -tastic clean cozy home in Effingham.

 View on AirbnbFarm stay in Effingham · 3 bedrooms · 3 beds · 1.5 bathrooms 

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@McCullough0  It looks nice and clean, beds look comfy.


but I’m noticing the living room and den don’t look very comfy. They are long and narrow and the living room is essentially sitting room only, no tv, and den has one tiny sofa with a slip cover, a slipper chair, a small desk, and tv. I would put the desk area in the living/sitting room, and get a comfy sectional or sofa/loveseat or loveseat/over sized chair in the den/tv room. When you think about working from home you want to be away from the noise and rest of the family and when it’s family time, you need a place everyone can sit- 6 guests. Some board games would also look welcoming in the den. 

as far as the bedrooms, I know you wanted three queen beds but they look a little crowded with the placement of beds vs windows and other furniture.There’s a lot of mismatched pieces going on, I think you need a more cohesive look- less is best. Its  my experience that guests don’t really use dressers. You could perhaps get rid of some furniture, place beds on a diagonal between the two windows, don’t ever put a lamp  in front of a window- you already have overhead lighting and 2 windows, do you really need a lamp too? 

I realize the tvs are already hung so moving the beds might not happen, but consider some of my other suggestions. I have a diploma from AI in Residential Planning which includes space planning. 

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you have to put every detail on the apartment in such a way that the marketing is more visible, but for this the listed property needs some time to become visible on the network, a good marketing and a little patience