How is my listing

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Multan City, Pakistan

How is my listing

Please Suggest me how to do good listing. I Am New Here. Or Describe me what are the flaus in my liasting.


Home in Multan · ★New · 2 bedrooms · 1 bed · 2 baths 


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@Sufwan0 Look at your competitors’ properties and do better.  Have better decorations, better photographs, get as many of the amenities as you can do (can do this over time).


Improve your property’s ranking by using the algorithm: move photos on the listing around, add descriptions to the photos; basically show that you are active as a host.  Show seasonal photos, showing festivals or change of seasons. And remove those once the season is past.


Be super attentive to your guests: message them once they book, message them one day before saying you have been preparing for their stay, and one day into their stay, ask how things are going and if they need anything.  I provide more consumables than most people (inexpensive toothbrushes and toothpaste, colorful plasters for children in my colorful first aid kit, small deodorants, shampoo and body wash, women’s sanitary products, and so forth) so they don’t have to go shopping for little items that many people forget. My guests comment on that regularly, how much they appreciate the little things.  Similarly, you could position a local food, drink, wine or product as a Welcome to your property.


I didn’t start out as a Super Host but I grew into it by reading comments like this one and applying those suggestions.  I wish you all the best in growing your income and providing excellent stays at your property through AirBnb. ~Kerry


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Hello @Kerry215 and @Alicia753, thank you so much for sharing these great suggestions 😊 


@Sufwan0, please let us know when you've seen this. I have added the link to your listing in your posts to make it easier for our Hosts to share their advice. I hope this is okay with you.


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@Sufwan0 you may consider checking the following for your listing. 


  • Be Descriptive and Specific: Highlight key features such as "Cozy Downtown Apartment with Skyline View" or "Beachfront Condo with Private Balcony."
  • Be Detailed: Describe what makes your space unique. Mention amenities, nearby attractions, and any special features.
  • Different Photo Angles: Include pictures of all rooms, amenities, and exterior spaces. Ensure your space is clean and well-lit in the photos.
  • Research: Look at similar listings in your area to set a competitive price. Hope this helps! 
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@Sufwan0 I don’t think this is a 12 person apartment? 
you have to make a separate listing for all of your rooms