How to list and connect different rooms sets on one property?

How to list and connect different rooms sets on one property?

Hello, Airbnb community,


I am a new host on the platform and creating listings for our first property. Can someone explain how I should list and connect different room types to one main listing? The following are details of our house.


- 1 house with ten bedrooms and eight bathrooms with a total capacity of 20 guests

- - 4 private rooms with double (two persons') beds and attached bathrooms

- - 4 private rooms with double beds and shared bathrooms

- - 2 Shared rooms with single (one-person) beds and shared bathrooms 


Please suggest the best way to list all the rooms on the property. Room prices vary according to their type.

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Hi Ines.

I saw your listings. You're going in the right direction. You can make multiple offers for each room separately. You can also make listings containing two or more rooms. You can make a listing that includes the entire house with all the rooms for large groups. In the calendar of your listings you will find the option to combine calendars for each individual listing. You can set it so that renting a single room blocks the possibility of renting the entire house, or a combined listing containing this room. You should also describe each listing in detail in terms of what the guest gets as their exclusive space and what is shared with other guests of the house. You should also use separate photos for each room so as not to confuse guests. I quickly found out that you should create about 14 offers. 😃

Good luck.

Hello @Marcin65,


Thank you for this detailed reply and guidance. We are already trying to list our property the way you have mentioned.


If needed, we will get back to this thread. 🙂 



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Hello @InÊS161, welcome to the Airbnb Community Center! 😊


Have you had a chance to read Marcin's comment? I wonder if our experienced Host @Mike-And-Jane0 could share some additional insights here.


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