Imposed penalty for cancellation of booking

Imposed penalty for cancellation of booking

I have been imposed penalty for cancellation of booking n also calander of December month is blocked.The booking was cancelled due to major disruption of water supply to my area as old rusty pipe lines was replaced n by municipal corporation,a local Government body responsible for smooth water supply to public.On reporting the matter to Airbnb customer service,they are not cooperating n removing penalty.

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Hello @Lekh-Chand0 


I think if your local government had an issue with local water what you should have done is provided proof of this and ask Airbnb  to cancel under their extenuating policy for hosts to get a free cancellation.


It sounds instead like you cancelled the booking as a host cancellation - that's why your calendar is blocked.


Please read the host EC policy and call customer services, provide proof of the government issue with local water and see if they will help/

Hi, thanks for your concern.It is to inform that in my case disruption of water supply was due to reasons beyond my control. It took reasonable time to fix the problem by local Government.This issue has now been accepted by Airbnb n resolved my  issue amicably by unblocking calander n also waiving of penalty imposed.

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Hello @Lekh-Chand0 ,


I had to change your post's title from ''Hi'' to something more meaningful related to your query. Also, I am glad that your issue has been resolved!! Happy Hosting 🙌


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Keep trying. You will have to find the Airbnb language on host cancellation exceptions, which I believe includes an exemption for this kind of thing...government work/edicts, etc. and continue to cut and paste and read it back to them until you get the host cancellation removed. We used to have several hosts here who were great at finding the rules, but they have all been banned unfortunately.It may take a lot of time but I would guess that eventually you will succeed.



Thanx for your kind advice n support..My problem has been resolved by Airbnb.Ever grateful.

My problem is resolved

Iam done

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