Instant Book 7 Days Out?

Instant Book 7 Days Out?

Is there an option to allow Instant Book, but only for bookings greater than 7 days out? 

We don't mind doing Instant Book but if it is super short notice, we would like it to be a request so that we can check with our cleaner to see if they are available.

I don't think that setting "Advanced Notice" will achieve the same outcome, as it totally blocks out all bookings 7 days in advance.

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Hi @Andrew-and-Danne0 

I have Instant Book on with 1 day advance notice. I find that whenever someone wants to book for arrival within 24 hours, I first get a request that I have to approve. I think if you set advance notice to 7 days, it should do the same.

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@Andrew-and-Danne0 If you also tick the box that says something like 'allow requests for less advance notice' (I can't remember the exact wording) then you will have IB but with a request to book for near term bookings.



Per @Mike-And-Jane0 & @Shelley159 you can do this on the Calendar under Availability and turn the slider to on. Set your advance notice to whatever days you want (7?) and then you should get a request to book that is closer. I would test this out as a guest using incognito mode on a browser. It should let you Reserve the dates, but when you go to pay should show that Host must approve request within 24hrs rather than the instant book choice.




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Hi @Andrew-and-Danne0 , 


You've received some wonderful pieces of advice from our dear and experienced Hosts @Shelley159 @Mike-And-Jane0 @Joan2709 @Kathy1371 . Do keep us posted on how you get along with exploring the settings of "Advance Notice" suggested by Mike and Joan. 

I'm also sharing a few links that can help with all the information related to Instant Book : 


Hope it helps! 🌻



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Personally, I get the unit cleaned immediately on check out. Then it’s always ready.

I've had immediate bookings due to unforeseen issues on the guests & hosts.