Is my listing in curacao showing?

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Willemstad, Curaçao

Is my listing in curacao showing?

After having a very high airbnb ocuppancy our bookings have susdenly dropped. 

please can you check if my listing is showing when you search curacao at any week? 


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Just to let you know you  can log out of your account , clear your browsing history and then you can run this search yourself @Valerie1112 

Hi @Valerie1112 

Hmmm...You are either fully booked now thru May or your calendar is blocked for some reason? I did a search for May 2024 (first dates that were open) and your listing did not appear at all (looked through all 15 pages). Might want to check with Airbnb to see if the listing is suspended for some reason?

Thank you for taking the time.


We are not fully booked in may 2024.


I keep wondering why after being fully booked, being superhost, having the guest favorite badge,  4.94 overall rate, great pictures and a very competitive price for the area  … the bookings just stopped coming in. It is just odd. 


It is strange as your listing didn't even appear for dates open on your calendar in May? I would contact Airbnb just to check. I even tried zooming in on the map where your lisiting should appear and it never showed up?

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I just searched  May 23-31 for 2 guests and your listing came up on up the first page as the 6th property. 🙂