Listing is being suspended and removed without enough review of appeal request

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Listing is being suspended and removed without enough review of appeal request

Airbnb sent me email yesterday with title “Your listing has been permanently suspended”. 

Looks like Airbnb suddenly detected my previous tenant’s listing that contained pictures of my house. The listing was not accessible anymore at the time. 

Basically, My tenant used the house for Airbnb from 2023/01 to 2023/08. On 2023/08 we had terminated the lease. After that I and my cohost renovated the house and started a brand new listing which gets nearly all 5 star previews. 

Airbnb confused and thought my current listing is closely related to the previous listing by my former tenant and decided to remove my current listing. Airbnb support could not understand the matter and refused to reactivate my listing.

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For my case, to be fair, Airbnb finally reactivated my listing yesterday, about 10 days after my appeal.


I called many times in the beginning 2 days. But that did not actually work, as the case is handled by a specialized team who gets little information from the support team who answers the phone.


I think what helps in my case is a well written explanation email with supporting documents including lease contract, management contract that basically prove my listing is not related to the other listing and I simply cannot use the other listing.


My suggestion for hosts who encounter similar issues is to provide all your supporting documents and explanations in writing in the initial appeal. And wait.

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It seems like there is more to this story than just a duplicate listing.


IIRC, airbnb doesn't really do anything about duplicate listings since there are so many duplicate listings out there and other hosts have also confirmed that. 

The issue I have is that Airbnb just denied my appeal and did not provide more details rather than saying there is an older listing of the house. Which I have given reason for. 

I can tell that there is one one star review out of 10+ all 5 star reviews. But that is not a reason to suspend my listing. I could start another discussion to argue against that review too.

Airbnb original notification message: 


This listing appears to be a duplicate of “********!”, which previously had low ratings, poor reviews, or cancellations. Because creating a duplicate of a listing with reported issues goes against our policies, this listing will be permanently suspended on April 8, 2024.


and I have provided enough info for Airbnb to correct its mistake. Airbnb could request more info if it needs and I would be glad to provide.

Can you just use the previous listing then? 


Even if it has a few issues, might be able to salvage it if you put in the effort. 

That was my former tenant’s listing. I cannot use that. They have removed it now but they probably used my pictures after our lease was terminated by mistake.

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It would have been better if you'd asked your ex tenant to remove the listing @Yong253 


you can understand from Airbnb's point of view why they have suspended the new listing. 

First of all. Thanks for listening!


My former tenant already removed that listing. The issue is airbnb wants to remove my listing because they think I am working with my former tenant. But mine is totally not related to the other listing. Airbnb does not understand and does not request evidence from me, and just denies my appeal request.

Was the previous listing removed (delisted?) by the tenant or permanently suspended by airbnb for repeated listing issues? 

I don’t really know about the details. The link given to me by airbnb did not work at the time. But it was there before according to Airbnb’s screenshot.


I was not involved in my former tenant’s business at all.

It's an important distinction.


If the previous listing was/is permanently suspended by Airbnb, then it will not be possible to get around that ban by creating a duplicate listing.


If that's what happened, then it will indeed be very hard to contest the suspension/ban. 

Assume the previous listing violated airbnb rules. It should not affect my current listing, given that it was/is owned by a separate business not relating to me. And I am the house owner and the house is not leased to anyone, Right?

Really need help on what to do next. Simply speaking my previous tenant (long term lease) had a listing with my house. But I was not involved in his airbnb business.
I have taken back the house last Sep, i.e. more than 6 months ago.

Looks like my former tenant used pictures of my house recently, and airbnb decided to suspend my listing and asking me to use my tenant's listing. That is impossible, as I have never been involved in my tenant's business. And that would be wrong anyway, as I have renovated the house and have a cohost totally unrelated to the other listing!

Airbnb refused me to provide the previous lease and my current management agreement. What should I do?

Airbnb has too much marketing power, and does not seem to care about my case.

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The simplest solution is not to rely on Airbnb it's  just one marketing channel. @Yong253 


Set your STR business up on other STR listing channels and set yourself up to take direct bookings and invest in targeted advertising to drive traffic to your website and social media channels. 

Yes, I will definitely consider that. Thanks for the suggestion.