Looking for a cohost near neuchatel switzerland

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London, United Kingdom

Looking for a cohost near neuchatel switzerland

Hello I'm looking for a cohost who could help us manage a holiday home near lake Neuchatel in switzerland. It's a small house that would need someone who could help us look after it and the garden and ensure it was in good condition when we aren't in the area. Thanks and warm wishes vidya 

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Zürich, Switzerland

Hello @Vidya22 ,


Are you still looking for a cohost? I am successfully hosting our property in Mürren and looking to expand. I am located in Oberhofen, which is not far from you.  If you are interested, please contact me. 


Kind regards,



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Fribourg, Switzerland

Good afternoon @Vidya22,


I just saw your post about needing a cohost for your holiday home near Lake Neuchatel. I run an arbitrage and management business in Fribourg, and I'm all about helping properties shine.


From looking after the house and garden to setting up your place, optimizing the pricing strategy and handling reservations, I've got it covered. Your place will be in great shape, even when you're away. Let's chat and see how I can make your Airbnb a hit of the area.


Looking forward to the possibility of working together!


Best regards,


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Toronto, Canada

Hi @Vidya22 ,


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