My 18th listing isn't showing up in search results

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My 18th listing isn't showing up in search results

Hi everyone!  So I'm pointing out this is my 18th listing to imply that I have -some- experience as a host, of course I still have much to learn as proven by this situation that I can't  get out of.

Listing in question:


I published this listing at the start of May. It got its first inquiry after almost 2 weeks, which was shocking and a first for me. I had already checked it was showing as listed. But when trying to find it in search, from a non-affiliated account... it was very hard to find it. 

To this day, we've had but 4 bookings and this has never happened before with any of my previous listings. Here's what I've discovered so far:

- Searching for listings in the area "Pueblo Libre, Lima" for a 2 night stay (our minimum) will not show the listing in any of the 15 pages of results.

- When searching for 3 night stays and up... the listing *might* show up randomly, but after the 10th page, something completely new for me as well.
- Even when specifically searching for the listing area (Pueblo Libre, Lima), Airbnb will show listings that are miles away but not this one that's actually in the searched area.

I contacted support about this, with very little hope since they would always respond with generic answers and links to basic help topics... but this time I was a little insulted by their response. They tried to argue that since the listing would show up after completely zooming in on the exact geo location, this meant that it was easily findable, when we know this would not be a sustainable way to get bookings since it will only serve people looking for an exact location and not an area. They also tried to show me how my listing was showing up in the 1st page of results... by typing in the exact listing address on the search box. LOL! When they don't care to help, they really don't.

I'm out of ideas at this point. I don't know what else to do. Please help me! 

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Hi @Fernando1399 

The URL link you provided does not work?  Can you re-post a link to the property you are asking about?

Ahh, I was trying the snooze trick. You should be able to see it now!

Hi @Fernando1399 

I do think there is something strange going on and not sure if it's related to the Airbnb search algorithm or not? I did find your listing, but only when I zoomed way in on the map....probably going to be hard for guests to find you that way. What is strange is you should be appearing near the top of search results as a new listing and you're not. 





How long ago to you go live (May?) and how long have you had the listing snoozed? I would contact Airbnb and see if there are any issues on their side regarding that and why you are not appearing on page one in a normal search as a new listing? You should receive a boost in search results for several weeks at least 🤔. You say you have had bookings on Airbnb but I don't see any reviews for your listing? Were they bookings from another site?

Hi Joan... yeah my thoughts exactly, there should be no reason why the listing is not being boosted as its a new one! And I also humbly believe I tick most if not all marks necessary to be well positioned in search results.

I contacted Airbnb explaining all this and all I got were those nonsensical answers as I posted, but I'm trying again with another ambassador, hopefully with more common sense... but it's so frustrating as I feel I can't do anything to fix it. 


Hopefully you are listed on other platforms? You may have to take the drastic step to delist and then try listing again, but not sure if that will solve the issue. Wish I had some other ideas for you. 

@Joan2709 Thank you for your input! Yeah I'm on other platforms but in this market 99% of bookings come from Airbnb.

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Hi @Fernando1399 & @Joan2709 👋


@Joan2709 - Thanks so much for supporting here. I'm going to send it over to the tech team to see if they can investigate, I can't promise that they'll be able to support though. But hey, it's worth a go, right? 😊 


@Fernando1399 I'll pop a direct message with some more information. 



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Hi Rebecca, thank you for stepping up, hope that something can be done! I'm running out of ideas 🥲