New Bathroom classification and search

New Bathroom classification and search

I have to say I really dislike the recent changes in the bathroom classifications.  We now have "Private and Attached", "Dedicated", "Shared", but a guest can only search for P&A.  It lumps dedicated in with shared.  Additionally, "Dedicated" isn't the right word, as it doesn't indicate that the bathroom is the guest's private bathroom.  A better classification might have been Private, with a subclass of Attached or Unattached.  And a guest could search for Private, both; or Private just Attached; or Private just Unattached; or Shared.

I believe this limitation in the search, ie lumping private unattached bathrooms with shared, has caused a decrease in my occupancy.  

Also, as a result of being in with the shared baths, I've had to lower the nightly rates to compete, decreasing my overall income.


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We have en suite in our listing but some prospective guests don't understand or can't google en suite. Then we have had complaints that the bathroom off the bedroom is inconvenient for guests, children sleeping on the sofa bed in the lounge as they need to walk through the bedroom to the bathroom. You can't will them all.

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Thanks for the heads up, @Michael-and-Beth0 ! That's indeed a mess, for me as host and traveler.


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