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I had an old listing a year ago for just one of my rooms. This year recently I added the entire house. However the photo tour continues to say one bedroom. Under it, it does say entire house. However this also prevents me from using the price comparables because it compare my listing to one bedrooms? 

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Hi @Todd667 

Could you post a link to your listing(s)? Your profile says "Guest"?


There is a work-around to ensure your listing shows the correct number of bedrooms and a way around the photo tour.

** Is this it? I think I have it down. How do I not post as guest? Is this the way to do it? 

I didn't use AI this time because of the reasons mentioned. It didn't seem like I could arrange the photos using the photo tour. It kept putting bedroom 3 as bedroom 1. 

Thank you for your help! 



Good morning! How do I add a photo? When i go on listings it wants me to do that crazy AI thing to arrange my photos. I don't want to do that because it messed up last time. How can I get around that and just add a photo? Thanks Joan

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Hey @Todd667 👋


Just checking in to see how you're getting on. As @Joan2709 has said, you're posting from a guest profile so we're unable to see your listing. Do you have the link to share with us? 😊



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Is the link above my listing link? Thank you for the help. Angela my super host was great this weekend. How do I not post from a guest profile? I

As far as the listing think I have it down now. I just deleted my previous listing. 

I didn't use the AI because it put my third bedroom as bedroom 1. Not using the photo tour allowed me to arrange the photos. Am I missing something? I didn't see any comments from @Joan2709. How do I see that. 

Again, thank you for helping us first timers. Everyone has been great!

I see Joan now. 

Hi @Todd667 

This is the link to your listing: