Pool heat adding fee

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Pool heat adding fee

Hello, I received my first guest today & it's unusually chilly for Palm Springs in May.They are requesting pool heat, which is expensive to run, it was not requested in their reservation but obviously I want them to be comfortable & have an enjoyable experience.How do I bill them for pool heat if they do ask for it to be heated? The guests have already checked in.Thank you
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@John159 Why not just make an alteration to the reservation, and they can just accept. That's how this type of charge is normally handled.

Hi Ed & Hugh, Thank you for your quick reply.I'm not seeing an option to alter their reservation only the option to cancel.

@John159 That's very strange. I've never not seen an option to make an alteration. You might want to contact Airbnb to see if it's a glitch in their system.

The issue was on my end.I was trying from the App but can do it from the regular site.

@John159 The app has improved a little lately, but it can still mess with things in surprising ways. For example, if you set the "Don't want bookings X days in advance", it has (for months) actually set the value as X-1, and it changes it to that in the regular site, too. And if you correct it on the site, the next time you look at the app, it will display the X-1 value. And, I think, the mere act of *looking* at that setting in the app may reset the web site again. Something like that. As far as I know, this behavior, or some variation of it, was still happening just two days ago.


The app used to have other issues. Some have been fixed, but I don't really trust it. I primarily use it only to respond to messages and to glance at my calendar. I only use it to accept/decline bookings if I have no other choice.

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@John159 (and CC @Ed-and-Hugh0) -- Your listing advertises "Pool" as a standard amenity, but makes no mention of a fee for same. For this guest, you should eat the cost of heating. Then reconsider how you offer that amenity during different seasons. I, for one, would expect that pool to be available, and heated (if necessary), based on your current listing. Fix your listing; don't penalize the upcoming guest. (Or risk a negative review from them for doing so.)

Hi Dede, thank you for your reply. if you read my info it states pool heating is an additional $45.00 per day.The pool is a basic amenity but not heating it.Unfortunately I'm not able to eat 450.00

@John159 OK, I found that $45/day fee. (Does it really cost that much per day after day 1?) Way, way, way down. With an "if needed" qualifier. Which is fine, but I think you need to recognize that it's way, way down and therefore very unlikely to be read by many potential guests. What I suggest is that at the times of year when you know it's likely to be necessary, you mention it very specifically in a message that you send to bookers *before* you accept their booking. Mention it and ask them to confirm that they're "okay" with it if they intend to use the pool. We do something similar (unrelated to a pool) before we accept bookings. Makes everything clear AND keeps all that on the record in case AirBnB needs to be involved later.


Good luck!

Hi again Dede,Believe it or not it can be that costly if run non stop.I will definitely alter my listing after this prior experience but will leave it as is until the current guests check out .It's actually mentioned twice in the listing.They're very nice & have not requested it as of yet but have just inquired.My difficulty in altering a reservation seems to be because I am on the App but should have no issue on the regular site.
Thank you again for your quick replies,
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@John159 Hi John, contrary to another post, you DO list in your house info the fact that there will be a pool heating fee if required of $45.00 per day! Athough that seems to me to be an outrageous amount, I can't imagine it would cost that to heat a suburban municipal pool let alone a private pool....but, if that's what it is, I guess it's a case of guest beware.

Obviously, by the tone of your question you are feeling a bit sensitive about this amount so maybe you could come at a compromise figure with the guest. It may be best to say..."Although I say in my house rules pool heating cost will be $45 per day, in view of the fact that this weather at the moment is unseasonal I am prepared to take a loss and compromise on half that amount" and see if you can get the guest to either accept that amount or refrain from using a 'heated' pool.

Just out of idle curiosity John, what sort of pool heating are you using....we have solar and it costs three quarters of nine tenths of 'sod' all to heat!! You should maybe look at alternatives....cheers....Rob

Hi Robin & all, Thank you all for your replies & input.We are new to Airbnb but this house has been a very successful vacation rental for us for the the past 5 years.Usually in May we are already in the 100's or close to.These guests ( my very first via Airbnb & their first time using Airbnb) unfortunately arrived on an usually chilly & windy day.They have decided to forgo pool heat as our temps are quickly rising.Believe it or not heating the pool IS that costly.It's actually less than our vacation rental management company charges.California gas & Edison bills are notoriously high.I took the advice of another member & bumped up the notice of the additional fee for pool heating in my listing.It's now mentioned 3x.These guests are lovely & are enjoying the house immensely..Issue solved & thank you all.

John, Now that you have some experience in heating your pool for guests. I was wondering how do you charge them? I have listed in Airbnb that there is a $49 daily charge for the pool heater.  I just don't know if I should give them a seperate bill?  or ?  Thanks

Darin & Debbie


Hi John, how did you end up billing your guests the additional pool heating fee?  We are new to Airbnb.  Can you adjust a persons total at booking to add the fee in?  What if they decide once they have checked in that they want it.  How did you bill them!  We also charge $35US a day for heating as heating the pool can cost us on average $600 a month. 

I have guests pay me through Venmo as they use the pool. I control my heater through my phone. They text me, They pay,  then I turn the heater on.  I live in San Diego and charge $65 per day in the winter months. It’s very costly to keep a pool heater running in the winter months in California.