Price showing too high than what I listed

Price showing too high than what I listed

Hi there


I am new to hosting and already have a problem. My listing price is incorrect. It is showing almost $200 more than what I listed for. 
Im not sure if I played around with things too much. I am still learning how to navigate the app.

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Hi all

thank you for replying, so my next concern is. When my husband looks at the listing and puts in 4 adults 4 kids the price goes up double but our listing says the house per night is for 8 people, so why has the listing price changed? 

I just feel really stupid by not knowing how it works ๐Ÿคฆ๐Ÿฝโ€โ™€๏ธ I should have given more time into research before listing.

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Hello @Jasmine551, welcome to Airbnb and the Community Center!


I've noticed that Alicia and Mike have already shared their opinions on the fees and taxes that could be affecting the final price of your listing.


Please let us know once you've seen our messages, and feel free to ask any future questions you might have.


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Hi @Jasmine551, the price Hosts set on their listing is only a nightly rate. If you are looking at your listing as a guest, you might see different figures as there are Airbnb service fees and taxes. But to check and modify your listing price, you may consider the following. 


1. Adjust the Pricing: In the edit section, navigate to the pricing settings. Here, you can adjust the base price, cleaning fees, and any other additional costs that might be affecting the total price.

2. Check for Smart Pricing Tools: Airbnb offers Smart Pricing that automatically set prices based on demand, local events, and other factors. Ensure that these tools are not unintentionally increasing your price. You can choose to turn them off or adjust their settings.

3. Review Additional Fees: Ensure that other fees like cleaning fees, extra guest fees, or security deposits are set correctly, as these can also affect the total price


I hope these tips helps! ๐Ÿ˜Š

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@Jasmine551 Guests pay 14.2%+tax (on the 14.2%) more than your listing price per night. Then any town/state/occupancy taxes are added on. These between them could easily add up to $200.