Question for insurance and hosting a property for short term rental

Question for insurance and hosting a property for short term rental


My wife and I have a house in Scarborough and a condo in downtown Toronto. We were leasing to a tenant and with our permission to host the condo for AirBnB short term rental.

However, there is a recent change in the condo management rules that it only allows owner to host short term rental.

My questions are

  1. Can I change either my wife or myself to use the condo as our principal address? So that either of us can be the host for AirBnB?
  2. Will the insurance companies accept us to register our primary address separately and still have insurance for both our house and the condo?


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Bristol, United Kingdom

Hello Tom

if you are continuing to lease to your tenant then I am not sure it would be legal to state you or your wife would be the host.

1. why don't you speak to your Condo board about these issues

2. you would need to speak to your insurance company

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Community Manager
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Hi @Kai894 ! As your questions are regarding local regulations I'd recommend posting them in one of the Host Clubs as well. They're a great way to get in touch with local Hosts! You can find the Host Clubs on the map here:

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@Kai894I recommend asking your insurance company. They are the ones who will deny a claim if you have done something wrong.

Yes, @Mike-And-Jane0

I had been checking on that but not getting good responses.

In Toronto Canada, local regulations dis-allows non primary residence to do short term rental.

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