Requesting Critique for My Listing

Requesting Critique for My Listing

1)I had 2 cancellations. One in November and another in December. None got rebooked which forced me to change the cancellation policy. 

2) how can I increase my reservation in the off season winter months?

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Community Manager
London, United Kingdom

Hi @Jihan35 I hope you're well 😊 Great to see you initiating listing critique. I've taken a look at your listing and it's gorgeous 😍 very cosy! 

I'd like to invite some of our wonderful Hosts to share their feedback on your listing  @Patricia2526 @Jennifer3187 and @John7474 



Please follow the Community Guidelines

Thank you! I look forward to hearing from other seasoned hosts! 

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East Longmeadow, MA

Hi @Jihan35


Your property is beautiful! Re increasing bookings - have  you adjusted price to reflect seasonality? You could try to play around with your nightly rate to see if that generates additional bookings. 


Additionally, you may want to consider swapping out your living room furniture for something more family friendly and comfy. While what you have is gorgeous, it doesn't scream "let's hang out in the living room with the kids and play games". Just a thought.


Good luck!


thank you @Jennifer3187 

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Santa Ana, CA

@Jihan35 , I agree with @Jennifer3187 , regarding then living room furniture. It’s gorgeous and would love that sofa in my home. But for guest(s) I’d be more concerned for the wear and tear and kids jumping on the sofa etc…that along with it not being family friendly etc….the other suggestions on pricing might work as well.