Special pricing BUG - special pricing is overridden by updating regular pricing

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Special pricing BUG - special pricing is overridden by updating regular pricing

Updating the regular weekend pricing OVERRIDES the special pricing.


This is a bug because with this behavior there is nothing SPECIAL about the "special pricing". Special pricing should not be overridden by updates to regular pricing.


Just imagine having set special pricing for 10-15 different weekends scattered through the calendar. Then a single update to regular weekend pricing overrides all of them. What is special to "special pricing" then if each time regular pricing is updated I have to go back and manually reset 10-15 different weekend pricing to their "special" values???!!!


This is a bug for the workflow of a host like myself. It can lead to the wrong price being displayed to guests and errors in booking and lost revenue.


An even worse case happened to me last year: I had set a weekend at special pricing and it was booked at this special price. After the booking I updated my regular weekend pricing. After that update, the guest cancelled their booking, upon which Airbnb released the dates at regular pricing. In this case, I didn't even have a chance to reset this weekend to its special pricing after updating my regular weekend pricing because the dates were booked already! So when Airbnb released those dates at regular pricing I had no chance to correct the prices. Another guest immediately booked the weekend at the wrong regular price and I was left facing significant loss of revenue.




I have tried to explain this to Airbnb customer service several times now. Last year a representative said they had escalated the issue to the right team as a bug. But I still see this bug on my side.




Special pricing should be SPECIAL, it should not be updated along with regular pricing updates.

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Hello @Babak14, let me connect with you via DM to gather some additional information so I can reach out to the technical team.





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Today, I saw another pricing glitch. A guest added a person to her reservation, which usually does NOT trigger an alteration request. When I accepted the entire reservation, the price was adjusted to a negative number. I do not charge per guest, so those settings are at zero. It is insane that someone is adding a person, and it alters the agreed reservation numbers. They are losing money, too, because of this bug.