Suspended my listing without any explanation

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Rotorua, New Zealand

Suspended my listing without any explanation

I am keeping call and email them almost 48hours, no response!!! 
very disappointing service. 


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England, United Kingdom

@Peggy407 I think I can understand why your listings may be suspended. I also feel that you need to recognise that while guests can be difficult we are in a service industry and they are the customer. Leaving a review response like the one below will not help you win future guests and could well have got you suspended if the guest has complained




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Thanks for your reply, maybe you are right. But as a host , I am also a human being, and I cannot be hypocritical. If you don’t know the context of the incident, it’s wrong to criticise someone simply based on comments. The suspension of my listing this time has nothing to do with this comment.

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Bristol, United Kingdom

Your listing has probably been suspended because you have 4.5 average rating (Airbnb sees anything below 4.6 as a low rating).


the review @Mike-And-Jane0  quoted will certainly put some guests off from booking with you. You can certainly leave a factual, honest review without resorting to personal insults.


I see a number of guests have complained about cleanliness issues. Have you looked at how you can improve on cleanliness to help improve your review ratings .

I haven’t figured out yet whether it’s the reason for the low rating or something else. Regarding my cleaning problem, my house was built in 1970s. My title has already stated that it is an antique old house. I do my best in cleaning. , 2 people out of 46 comments mentioned cleaning issues, I believe I have done my best in this regard.