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How do I contact someone that I can actually talk to regarding my suspension? This is serious- It's been two weeks.  I'm very concerned . It's my primary income. I have mortgages. Consecutive month Superhost since 2018. No guest issues - 680 plus 5 star reviews.  I love Airbnb!

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Account restored!!!! Thank you so much Jenny and all of you that helped and supported - Awesome! 



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Were you given a reason why you were suspended? They didn't do it for the sport of it, that's for sure.

No reason was given yet. It has been 2 weeks. I have been calling and messaging just about everyday. Do you have a contact that I can speak with?

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Did you have a guest raise a 'safety issue' at your listing  recently. @Tomer29  Airbnb have a track record of suspending hosts for example when a guest who is partying or brings in more guests than are booked and a host raises the issue with a guest because they have seen them on their CCTV breaking the hosts house rules. 


Unfortunately you can only pursue this through their customer services number.

No safety issues, no partying issues, no cameras/CCTV. 5 star host since 2017 and for consecutive months. 680 plus 5 star reviews-no cancelations-answered every message within the hour, 90% with in 5 minutes.

I have 9 properties with 3 ready to upload in the the next month.

My business is shut down and I was not told why. Airbnb is letting me serve and  communicate with my currently booked guests but blocked my calendar on all the listings. It's been two weeks of constant calling. My first ticket was ended and as of yesterday I have a new one.  I'm running out of time. Catastrophic, worse than the Pandemic. At least during the pandemic I new what the problem was. You cant solve a problem if  you don't know what it is. I can't imagine that Airbnb is doing this on purpose. That's like killing the goose that's laying the golden eggs. Suggestions are welcome. 

@Tomer29  If you are sure that there was no guest issues, no guests asking for a refund, no guests complaining about anything, did you make any change with the administration?  Add a new co host or in any way change things on your end? Or, did the city/county make any changes to the short term rental law in your area?


People used to say that if you messaged Airbnb publicly on their social media accounts, they got a faster/better result.  You could try that.  Keep us posted and good luck.

Hi @Mark116 

No changes to admin and no cohosts were added. I did not change anything on my end. I will try to message Airbnb on social media. Thank you for the suggestion.

Also thank you to Jenny the Community Manager, @Helen744  @Bhumika @Quincy 

Major bummer, without a reason, where can one start to unravel the mystery?

Major win! Thanks again to everyone. No need to unravel. Airbnb is trying get it right with hosts and guests on a large scale. That’s not easy. 
Back to work!

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@Tomer29 this is a bugbear I regularly flag to @Catherine-Powell . Superhosts post here about once week saying they have been suspended for no reason. Sadly I guess Airbnb are more worried about the bad publicity re neighbour issues/guest safety than they are about the odd host suspension.

NO safety issues, partying, cameras, complaints. bad reviews. I am a 5 star host since 2017/2018 on consecutive months. Perfect record. This has to be a mistake. I can't imagine Airbnb would kill there own business. Suggestions are welcome.

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There has to be at least one issue. Retrace everything back to every guest. Some main culprits below:


1. Is there even one camera in any of your listings that was not noted.

2. Did a neighbor complain about a party or excessive noise?


3.  Any complaint about bed bugs or rodents?

Not even one camera.

No complaints from neighbors.

No parties.

No bed bugs or rodents.

Even if there was an issue then only one listing shoud be shut down-not all.

Suggestions are welcome.

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@Tomer29 I am not sure anyone here can help you except possibly the moderator@Bhumika, . This seems to be something that happens to those with multiple listings maybe because of chains of ownership, or multiple bookings very close together ,or any one guest could hijack all you have worked for.... Keep trying CS  .... H

Chains of ownership, or multiple bookings very close together is a possibility but no wrong doing. I just need to talk to someone to find out the problem and I'm sure this can be resolved easily. Thank you for your help @Helen44