Switching from "Room" to "Whole Place"?

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Switching from "Room" to "Whole Place"?

Hi everyone, 


I've just started hosting a bedroom in my flat. 


I'm going away for a month, and while I'm gone I would like to rent out the whole place (all except my office/bedroom which I will keep locked with my things in).


So it will be essentially the same product (the pictures will all be the same, all the rooms to access are the same) only you have it all to yourself as a guest.


Is there a way to alter the listing to denote this change in product? And then change it back when I come back? 


And I'm thinking I can charge slightly more for that?


Thank you! 


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@Drew3231 you can easily change to whole place but you would need to restrictive booking window to when you are away.

A better option would be to duplicate the listing, adjust as appropriate and then limit the availability of both listings to suit what you are doing.

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Hi @Drew3231 ‘

You could consideration to create a new listing of ‘ Entire place’, and block the unavailable date in the present listing .


The new listing should only listed the date which is available, setup the entire place higher prices, indicate the rooms which are lock and clearly stated other details in the internal rules.


With regards to particular you could have the both reference of the two listings as a private room and the entries place. It may convenient for you to operate in the future. 

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Hi Drew...:) ...great question...and what the other responders said will work, but in my experience, you may want ...as well..., to check with your city short term listings office...they will be able to guide you to do what you want ....correctly, and in a way that follows the city guidelines too! For example, in my city...it is not so easy to change between "room" and "whole place", as there are different policies related to listing each in that manner...(so that will require you to develop a deeper understanding of the city regulations, ie... you may need to register a new listing (at a cost) with them...now...every city is quite possibly different, and in many towns, this information may not apply...but in my case, and in my city....there is definitely much more complexity, if you switch...(if you want to get more information on how it adds complexities...let me know..:) 

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Don't forget you will need to have a cohost on hand in London to look after things while you are away in case of any problems with the listing or problem guests @Drew3231