Temporarily Pausing Scheduled Messages

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Temporarily Pausing Scheduled Messages

I'd like to pause scheduled messages for some guests, sometimes. 
For example, if we make a personal connection with a guest, we'd like to do more personal reach-outs. If a guest leaves early, we might need to pause scheduled messages that won't make sense for them. So far, I don't see any way to do this. 


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I have the same question.  I only have one scheduled message because I can't easily turn it off and on. 

I found the answer! So when you're in your messaging area, look at the space where you write your message to the guest. To the LEFT of that are a few buttons and one of them is a scheduled message button that allows you to customize the entire experience for that specific guest. So you can skip a message, tailor a message...it's great. I hope this helps!!

Yes click on the + sign at the bottom of the last message... click on scheduled messages then choose from skip or send now. 

@Erin31 Super helpful! Worked perfectly, thank you so much. 

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This was really useful, thanks!