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Top 1%


1 of my property got the top 1%.
I see few information on this (and also on top 5% and 10%).

Do you know if this is making the house more visibility and in a better ranking?


Or it’s only something the potential host can look into once clicking on the house’s page?


thank you 

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Hi @Edoardo222 

When guests search your area, they can use the Guest Favorites filter to see only guest favorite Aibnbs. I think yours will rank very highly (on average) in these searches, and also in general searches. Well done!

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Hi @Edoardo222 👋


Starting May 1, we’re adding a listing highlight for the top 10% of eligible listings to indicate these are some of the best homes on Airbnb, according to guests. For those in the top 1%, we’ll add a gold trophy icon and Guest favorite badge to help it stand out. We’ll also show guests if a listing is in the bottom 10% of eligible listings based on ratings, reviews, and reliability. The top 10% highlight appears on the listing page and above the reviews. The bottom 10% label appears above the reviews.


I hope this helps! If you've got any more questions please don't hesitate to ask! 😊



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Hello Eduardo. My congratulations on such a good result.

I cannot find the criteria for how these 10%, 5% and 1% awards are allocated. One of my listings did not receive this award, I would like to find out why and what criteria it may not meet. @Rebecca Can you help me?

Here is one of my listings 95 reviews (2 ratings out of 4)

12 gold.jpg

My other offers are better classified although they have less ratings (56 and 7):

19 gold.jpg


A gold.jpg

I found many listings with ratings of 4.8 or 4.7 that had this distinction. I will be very grateful for your help and explanation.




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Community Manager
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Hello @Marcin65, I'd like to point you to the direction of the 'Airbnb Summer Release: your questions answered' post.

Christy Schrader, Director of Host Engagements answers a variety of questions regarding the Summer Release 2024. She clarifies what the parameters are for the different rankings. 

Additionally, you can also read more about here 'New highlight helps top homes stand out' 

Hope these help! 🤗




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Thank you @Rebecca , I have read this information, although it does not explain everything.