Understanding Listing Page Views

Understanding Listing Page Views

I'm having a hard time understanding "page views" data for my listing. This information would be much more useful if I knew what it meant and what it's tracking. I like to compare my listing to "similar listings" to see how mine is performing compared to others or if I make changes to my listing.


If I view page views for the previous 7 days against similar listings, does this show me how many people visited my page during that time frame? 


Or does this show me how many people viewed my page for their specific travel dates that fell in that time frame? 


What got me thinking, was the fact that you can view page views in the future...if someone could explain, that would be very helpful. 






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@Rich-and-Courtney0 Given that the view data goes into the future it must be views for travel on a particular date. Also I understand it only goes 3 months forward so will currently show no views in July onwards.

Hope this helps

@Mike-And-Jane0 Sorry to resurrect his old chat.. but I am trying to figure this out also.. and AirBNB support today was useless.  My page views have declined to zero since last fall.  We are a seasonal market.. and I am not available from Dec-March.  But i also show zero page views for the summer.  Are we sure it's for the booking date and not for the viewing date?  I was a customer on VRBO and we could have the data by booking date.. with a pricing intertwined.  Made discount decisions helpful.  Thinking of going back there.  AirBNB is too hard.

@Jennifer3303 I am not sure about anything BUT, to me, it has to be the date of the stay otherwise there can never be data in the future. Also I hear that the data only goes out 3 months so perhaps it isn't available yet for the Summer.

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@Rich-and-Courtney0 they change the algorithms and data presentations every couple of years, so don't get too invested in the stats. I used to be all over it ("like a fat kid on a smartie") and I'm sure @Mike-And-Jane0 have seen a few changes over the years - but I don't think many are actually useful for the hosts to use and just ignore them all now..  Hope you're doing well.

Cheers, Charles