Visability on a limited availability listing

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Inverloch, Australia

Visability on a limited availability listing

I have more than one listing, with one of them the time that people can stay is very limited. If they put exact dates in my listing doesn’t even come up which reduces the likelihood of me getting a booking with somebody who would negotiate particular days with me, how do I Make my listing visible, even though there exact dates might not suit my availability 

thanks in advance


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Airbnb is doing an upgrade to their system and there all kinds of glitches. I had this same issue for weeks. I have been telling Customer Support about every issue, they really cannot help because it is an issue with the new system/software….very frustrating. Many hosts are noticing a significant drop in views and bookings! 

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England, United Kingdom

@Anne13768 If guests put in exact dates it is because they want to stay on those dates. If they make the dates flexible then your property should show up. If you really want more exposure to guests then don't restrict the availability of your property - it is that simple I am afraid.