Wrong Display Picture

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Bergen, Norway

Wrong Display Picture

If i go to airbnb and search for Bergen, ''Minihus'', the ad for the stay displays the wrong picture.


Link: https://www.airbnb.no/s/Bergen/homes?tab_id=home_tab&refinement_paths%5B%5D=%2Fhomes&flexible_trip_l...



If i go to my actuall ad, this is the picture that should be displayed first:

Link: https://www.airbnb.no/rooms/760092842064153844?preview_for_ml=true&source_impression_id=p3_171079462...


Is there any logical explination to that?


Thank you in advance!

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Malmö, Sweden

Hej @Lise1371 


Lige nu viser de to links det samme foto, som første foto. - Hvilket foto har du valgt som cover-foto?


Airbnb viser dit cover-foto, som det første på både PC og mobil. Herefter vises de 4 øverste fotos i din samlede liste med fotos  på forsiden af dit opslag på en PC.


Mvh. Karen

Well, as i mentioned, the first link is the picture displayed when you only click ''minihus'' when looking for a place to stay. When someone clicks on the ad, it displays the ''correct'' cover photo, which we set on purpose. This is the one we want to display before clicking the ad.
We have instances where we do get the right coverphoto before clicking the ad, which makes me think someting is not working as it should.
We have asked airbnb several times, but never got an answer..