account set up for hosts & owners

account set up for hosts & owners

my wife and I share a property with her sister , we are the joint owners but on our Air BnB site we are set up as owners and my sister in law the hosts. We ( the owners ) have achieved super host status bit this does not show on our advert.

Is it possible to have all of us set up as owners  

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That's because whoever set up the listing set up Judith as the main host and yourself as the cohost @Vicki613 when it should have been the other way around 😁

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@Vicki613   As far as I know you can have hosts & co hosts.  Host can show Superhost status but co hosts don't.  I am afraid I don't know much about the situation between owners and hosts are.  @Helen3 might me more knowledgeable that I am about this.  


All the best

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Hi @Vicki613!

I see you posted some time ago but wanted to check in and see if you were able to find an answer to your question? 

I'll also tag in some of the Community's experienced hosts who might be familiar with the policies pertaining to this. @Helen3  @Ruth413 are you aware if is it possible to change roles in this way? Or alternatively, what would be the best way to ensure the Superhost status shows on the listing?



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