co-host in dt toronto

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Toronto, Canada

co-host in dt toronto

Hi everyone, 


I'm looking for an experienced co-host to manage my property in downtown toronto this summer, as I'll be in and out of the city. It's a one plus den, fairly well-located, and comes with parking. If you're interested in co-hosting, please let me know -- it's a bit tough to dm people on airbnb directly (unless there's an option I'm not seeing), so please also let me know the best way we can connect 🙂




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Post on the Toronto host group and ask for recommendations for local super hosts who cohost @Melody242 

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Bristol, United Kingdom

Post on the Toronto host group and ask for recommendations for local super hosts who cohost @Melody242 

do you mean the facebook group? i've asked to join already, but it's pending approval.

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Bristol, United Kingdom

Yes that's the one @Melody242 

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Hello @Melody242 ,

any luck finding a host? If not, I have real estate experience, property management experience, and hospitality experience. I understand the importance of great guests and guests experiences and how to best optimize and manage your listing.As a co-host I am available to handle any or all of the below items: 


  1. Listing creation and updating 
  2. Review and screening of potential guests 
  3. Guest communication prior to, during and following guest stays 
  4. Coordination and communication with cleaning company 
  5. Pricing creation and adjustments
  6. House manual creation 

Please let me know if I can help you.



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Brampton, Canada

Hi @Melody242 ,


I am a superhost and an active Co-host (Approved by Airbnb) in the GTA area with extensive industry experience. Experienced Superhost with 4+ years in the industry, 2 years as a Superhost, and exceptional 4.9+ reviews. Hosted more than 500 guests across multiple platforms. Here's I can help with: Link to Profile


- End to End Maintainence, Cleaning, Set-up
- Seamless Guest Management, Screening and Vetting
- Listing Optimization - such as descriptions, photos, and other details so that guests are always up-to-date on what to expect during their stay
- Occupancy Optimization - price settings, including seasonal pricing and longer-stay discounts
- Revenue Optimization
- Legal Compliance
- 7 days support
- Tactical AirCover Expertise
- Sending Claims
- Stellar Reviews
- In-depth Platform Knowledge
- Algorithm Expertise
- Write Guest reviews
- Regular Check up with guests
- Inventory Management
- Assist with claims and send or request money using the Resolution Centre
- Create or respond to trip change requests such as trip cancellations and changing of dates and number of guests and/or pets
- Automate guest communication to ensure guests are welcomed, given details on host expectations, provided with check-in information


Hi Melody! I hope you're doing amazing! I have co-hosted properties in Yorkville and Fort York area as well as Oakville. I enjoy it so much that decided to start my business 'Guesthouse Management Inc'. I recently opened this account for my business and would love to have a conference call with you and send you my welcome package so you can see what we offer. Send me an email ** (it's written that way due to Airbnb guidelines) 🙂 Looking forward to hearing from you!


**[E-mail address removed due to safety reasons - Community Center Guidelines]

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Toronto, Canada

With over a decade of extensive experience as a Realtor and a distinguished five-year track record as an Airbnb host and cohost, I bring a wealth of expertise to the real estate and hospitality industry. Specializing in downtown Toronto, I effectively manage and cohost a diverse portfolio of properties, including my own, ensuring optimal client satisfaction. My commitment to excellence is reflected in the consistent attainment of Superhost status for all the properties under my care on Airbnb. Boasting a downtown residency myself, I am strategically positioned to promptly address and resolve any issues that may arise, prioritizing convenience and efficiency. Additionally, I lead a dedicated team, overseeing property management and cleaning services to uphold the highest standards of quality and guest experience.


Here is one of my listing of my client that I manage. If you go in to my profile you can see all the listing I manage.

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Toronto, Canada

Hi  @Melody242 ,
I am been a co-host for 2years now  and was looking to help more people here.
I have also just became a host  recently myself in DT Toronto.
DM me so we can discuss a solution.

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Toronto, Canada

Hey there, Melody!

If you're on the hunt for a trustworthy co-host to team up with for your Airbnb journey in Toronto, Ad Astra Host would be happy to assist you with that!

We're not your average management company – we're your friendly neighborhood experts, right here in Toronto. We know that managing a property can feel like a whirlwind of time and energy. That's why we're dedicated to making hosting a breeze for you while boosting those profits! Sit back, relax, and let us handle the nitty-gritty details. You deserve a break to enjoy life's other adventures!

We'd be absolutely thrilled to hear back from you!


Feel free to check out more about us and stay connected through our social channels: **


Warm regards,

Ad Astra Host
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I highly recommend Sunrae Stays:


They are the best property management in Toronto.


You can also get in touch with them through facebook: Facebook

Whether you're a seasoned host or new to the vacation rental market, our tailored management solutions are designed to meet your unique needs. From listing optimization and dynamic pricing strategies to guest communication and maintenance, we handle every aspect of property management with precision and expertise.