year end summery

year end summery

my 2019 year end summery is totaly wrong on every level.anyone else having that issue? airbnb keeps telling me to go to the csv but i know that. the earning summery is what i give my accountant. the csv doesnt give you the totals. i shoudnt have to get a calculator to figure it all out.

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Waldport, OR

Yes I contacted Airbnb about this about two weeks ago.  The summery that came up for 2019  had incorrect totals and I cannot do my taxes without it!  I just checked again and I'm now getting the summery for 2018 even though I checked the dates for 2019 numerous times!

This is a vital tool for us to be considered legitimate business in our communities!!!!!!

This does not look good for Airbnb if it goes public this year!!!!!!!!!!!