A different guest arrived than who had booked

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A different guest arrived than who had booked

A nurse, who profile described him as male in his 20s, booked for three nights.


I supplied him with full travel directions, and access details for the property, as I do not live there.


But a guy who was at least 50 years older, arrived, with no travel details, but he had the Key Code.


Once I was aware of this I tried to make contact with the person who booked, by phone, and left messages vid Airbnb, but recievd no response. I have not received any respone even after the booking dates had ended.


The guest who arrived, left the property damaged, and had tampered with the electricity consumer unit, in order to activate the disconnected electric heating supply.


Having the property temperature at over 30c, duing the three hotest nights so far this year.


He could have electrocuted himself, and as he was very elderly that was a dangerous possibility.


What safeguards are there against this happening again, as whoever booked had given this perosn the Key Code.


I still have not received a response from the person who   booked, and I cannot find a place on Airbnb, where I can make other Host aware of this guys acrivity.


Any suggestions please?



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You can mention in the review the person stayed was not the person who booked, so it alerts future hosts

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@Marian23  you can avoid such situations by personaly meeting your guests at arrival and asking them to show you their IDs or passports. That's what I do, even though I am the offsite host. Yes, it is time-consuming

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@Marian23 Report the person who booked, and leave a review mentioning the incident. If you are an offsite host, you really need to have someone local who can attend your listing to deal with things like this happening. This person should have been ousted the minute you discovered it wasn't the person who booked. You were under no obligation to allow entry to this individual, and it was not wise to do so, if they weren't the one who booked.