App update on iOS

App update on iOS

Hi there 👋

We are experiencing a problem we'd like to share if anyone has a solution

or has experienced the same.


Me and my wife we both have iphones 6s on iOS 12.3.1


We haven't updated the iOS because it needs so much space and they're both full.


All other apps work perfectly, whatsapp, instagram etc


Airbnb app suddenly stopped working few days ago in the middle of hosting a guest

and we couldn't receive their messages.


The app now says it needs an update but the update needs iOS 14!

I've been in contact with help center but they couldn't find a solution, they told me instead

to work from the browser of my laptop...


This is impossible we're not on our laptops all day, how can we reply instantly to our guests...


It realy is frustrating as we have new guests coming and cannot operate from our mobile phones.


Never had any proble with Airbnb up to now.

I hope this issue will be solved for users of older iOS versions.


ps. When you try to update the app it says to update an older version

but that doesn't work. Deleting the app and downloading the older version

doesn't work either.



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England, United Kingdom

I am very sorry to hear your problems with the App

About 2 weeks ago the format of the app changed - it is now less easy to use / interpret 

Fortunately I have updated my phone by coincidence. 
unfortunately when these tech companies get bigger all sorts swoop in and to prove themselves have to change things which we’re working perfectly well 

The advice I’d give is to download Chrome and add and work through this

I hope this helps?


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Darwin, Australia

The fact that the Airbnb app is not working on my iphone 6 anymore is really annoying. Particularly because the phone has the latest ios version installed. I am hosting outdoor experiences and need to see if I have received last minute bookings. This can only be done on my phone. I hope more people are bringing the issue to Airbnb's attention.

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Zagreb, Croatia

@Marios-and-Christina0 @Joe49 @Sue1841 @Laura_Mark0 

what you can do is to set Airbnb notifications to your Gmail

download Gmail app on your phones

set notifications for Gmail so you hear when you get an email

then you open Gmail and read your guest's message, click on reply and open Airbnb message in safari


it is easier than it looks and cheaper than buying a new phone

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Baltimore, MD

Same issue here for the last few weeks. Airbnb is the only app on my iphone6 that I can't use.  I, too, have tried deleting the app and downloading the older version and that doesn't work.

Calls to Airbnb support offered no help or options to fix. Can't believe I have to purchase a new phone just for the Airbnb app!! In the meantime, I'm asking guests to text me directly rather than communicate through the site. Truly hope that the powers that be recognize the problem and fix immediately.


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England, United Kingdom

We're somewhat relieved to find out that we are no the only people hosting that have the same problem! Since about a week ago (end of August?), we can no longer read AirB&B messages or my calendar on my iPhone6, only on my Apple Mac. The latest version of the AirB&B software won't download on my Apple 6 iPhone which has IOS 12.5.4. This is stated to be fully "up to date" on my iPhone 6. When I try to download the new software from the App Store to my iPhone 6, (ref 21.35 version 20.33.2 (201943)), a message comes back that this requires IOS 14.0 or above, so it won't load.  It would seem that Airbnb's new software update is no good for me - and for others too. Everything worked fine - until this past week!


I raised a query yesterday with "Airbnb support" who said (amongst other things): "We really don't have any control about the software. However, you can raise a feedback." Which is what I tried doing then, but you just get back to the same Airbnb support page, and  I'm not yet convinced that anyone in Airbnb is really aware of the difficulties we (many others too perhaps?) are facing or whether they are addressing this issue.


At least I can use my Apple Mac (with IOS 14+) for managing AirB&B bookings, calendar, incoming mail etc, but it's a shame that my iPhone 6 will only tell be when an Airbnb message has arrived!

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Los Angeles, CA

Same problem. I assume that guests who were previously using the app to book who also have older IOS devices are no longer able to use the app. Who makes a decision like this to limit customer access? I have 30+ apps on my phone that do not have this problem and do not want to buy a new phone just to access the AirBnB app. Hope they recognize the error of this approach and fix the update to allow support on older devices, even if for limited feature set.

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Zagreb, Croatia



I have the exact same problem on my Ipad, IOS 12 .  I couldn't find the solution

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