Celebrating my 4th year as an Airbnb Host

Host Advisory Board Member
New Delhi, India

Celebrating my 4th year as an Airbnb Host

On this day, 13th Sept 2019 - I hosted my first guests on Airbnb Experiences. I was such a novice & had priced my experience at just $6 per person because I desperately wanted someone to book it!

Within a day of publishing my street art experience, it was booked by a group of 12 people and that too from Airbnb's photography team, Delhi office. They had booked my experience as they wanted to connect with their team leader who was visiting them from San Francisco. I welcomed these guests with flowers as I wanted to tell them how grateful I was and what this first booking meant to me! This incident has given me so much confidence. From that day onwards, I wake up with gratitude every day!


As a small business accountant, with very few clients back then, I often felt low on confidence and financially insecure. Airbnb provided a platform and rebuilt my confidence. Hosting on Airbnb helped me earn more, and brought in such great guests for me to showcase something I loved doing i.e. exploring street art & storytelling.


4 years later, I’ve been lucky to be able to contribute ideas by being a part of the Host Advisory Board member at Airbnb. Can I be any more fortunate and indebted to the stars?!

Airbnb is one of the best things that happened to my life on this day, 4 years ago. Only upward and higher from there, today, tomorrow, every day!


Passionate about life!
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Oakland, CA

What a wonderful story of gratitude! Thank you for sharing it with all of us. It’s refreshing to hear the positive things Airbnb brings to our lives and livelihoods. 

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Pensacola, FL

@Keshav7 Congrats and what a cool story you share with us all. May your joy, efforts and labor of love with Hosting and people continue. All the best, Clara

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Christchurch, New Zealand

such a wonderful post, well done on embracing the journey and growing through each stage and phase.  Growing in confidence and competence to become a top host!  Well done. 

Very inspiring. Congratulations!! 

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Manly, Australia

Congrats Kkeshav 👏and tks for sharing 🤗

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Novato, CA

Congratulations and hopefully many more happy years to come!

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St. Louis, MO

Congratulations @Keshav7  this is an amazing story! I was excited reading it! Congrats again !!!

Community Manager
Community Manager
Toronto, Canada

Many Congratulations and what an amazing slice of life @Keshav7 !! It is so great to read about your journey and get inspired.🌻 


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Host Advisory Board Member
Stellenbosch, South Africa

Congratulations Keshav, and what a fortuitous start with 12 Airbnb guests on your first day! Thanks for your great leadership as CL in our online experiences community!

Host Advisory Board Member
Châtillon-en-Dunois, France

thanks airbnb for bringing you into our lives too! Happy to participate to your life experience 

Host Advisory Board Member
England, United Kingdom

What a lovely story Keshav! Happy anniversary. Ha ha I love that you were so desperate for even 1 person to book but got so very lucky with a group from Airbnb! What luck and good fortune, notwithstanding all your hard work since of course, has Airbnb brought to your life.

Level 3
Quito, Ecuador

Congratulations @Keshav7!

Host Advisory Board Member
Fort Lauderdale, FL

Love this, @Keshav7 ,heartwarming and very inspiring. Makes me reflect on my wonderful journey with Airbnb. Thank you for sharing. 

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