Community Spotlight: Dave-and-Deb0

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Community Manager
London, United Kingdom

Community Spotlight: Dave-and-Deb0



Hello everyone,


I am super excited to announce this month’s Community Spotlight with @Dave-and-Deb0! Blimey, Dave-and-Deb0 have been around way before I started on the Community Center! 🙂


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How long have you been hosting for, and why did you first start?

I have been a Host since October 2015, just over 7 years.  My wife and I started hosting a basement suite in our house because we were not happy with our long term rental experiences and figured Airbnb would give us freedom to block out dates and have a place for family to stay when in town.  We have not looked back as it was a great decision.  


Tell us a little about your listing.

We are most proud of our whole house listing which is unique in that guests can book the main floor of our house (2 bedrooms) or they can choose to rent the entire house which would include a fantastic basement suite, so two kitchens, two bathrooms, and 4 bedrooms.  We used to rent the suite separately but found one guest might complain about noise caused by a different group of guests and so we pivoted which made any noise issues evaporate. 


What does the word community mean to you? Give us some examples of being part of any community (here you can talk about volunteering in general).

To me, “community” means service to others; sharing with others who have like-minded interests and goals with the end result to make things better for that group.


I am part of many communities which I contribute to which includes many different Airbnb groups (Host Leaders, Superhost Ambassadors, Community Experts, Community Center, etc.), sports communities such as fishing and hockey as well as my community league in Edmonton where I have volunteered in many different positions over the past 20 years.  I truly love helping people which is strangely something that I find rewarding in itself.    


How long have you been part of the Airbnb Community and why did you join?

I have been part of the Airbnb Community pretty well from the beginning of my hosting journey back in October 2015.  I quickly became extremely active in the Airbnb Community Center where I contributed daily to help guide other hosts with their questions related to Airbnb.  I created many helpful articles and videos which would provide screenshots for steps on how to setup their listing.  I then went onto becoming an Airbnb Community Expert which led me to want to become a Community Leader and recently a Superhost Ambassador.  I joined all of these communities as I truly enjoy helping and guiding others on their hosting journey and sharing my knowledge and helping is something I find rewarding.


Tell us about being a Host Club leader, what does entail?

I am truly honored to be a Host Club leader and it has been great taking on this role.  For me, this role entails engagement with other hosts in my area and keeping them informed about what is new or coming on the Airbnb platform.  I find it important to have open discussions with our members and learn from each other.  It is also important to be an advocate for local hosts and to be that conduit between them and Airbnb, especially with pain points they may be finding on the platform. 


If you could make it better, what one thing would you improve?

I would like to see hosts who are Community Leaders get a bump in the search rankings for their listings as a perk of the work they do being Community Leaders.


When you are not hosting, what do you like doing?

You would find me likely at a local hockey arena with my kids or out fishing (on the ice or in a boat) or golfing.


What is the one thing you cannot live without?



Where would your dream holiday be?

My dream holiday would be few weeks in Hawaii or Australia.  


If you could have lunch with a famous person (past or present), who would it be and why?

Well, my dad was not famous but I would like to have lunch with him.  My dad left the picture when I was two and I never got to know him.  I learned more about him after his death and it would have been really nice to know him and go fishing with him.  


What's your food weakness?

Definitely ice cream!


Do you have a fun fact?

I was on a reality TV show many years ago about weight loss which won a Gemini award which was called “Taking It Off”.  Here is the opening of the show:


Thank you so much for sharing your story @Dave-and-Deb0



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Host Advisory Board Member
Adelaide, Australia

@Dave-and-Deb0 thank you for sharing your story

Level 10
Pensacola, FL

@Dave-and-Deb0  really wonderful to hear your story and see all the steps and how you've moved up over the years to community leader and super host ambassador.  I celebrate you for sure, as community leader myself I can appreciate so much of your story and dedication to Airbnb and serving others. I too have thought and mentioned that community leaders would really love getting that booking boost that new hosts get - as a token of gratitude for all that community leaders do and the time they all give so generously. Wishing you both all the best & many blessings. Perhaps we'll meet at an Airbnb summit one of these days?? !! warmest regards, @Clara116

Community Manager
Community Manager
Toronto, Canada

Thank you @Dave-and-Deb0 for sharing such great thoughts with us and being an active part of our Host Community! 

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