Day 22 - Hosting can create the unforgettable experience.

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Atlanta, GA

Day 22 - Hosting can create the unforgettable experience.

I'm a very thankful for all of us to reach December , the month  of celebrations.


I have a fabulous story to share. Recently I hosted  a couple from US, and they were expecting to have a baby very soon. First time in a foreign, African country , but very determined that Tanzania it is their new home. They had already planned how they will move forward after 2 weeks in our airbnb apartment, how they will have their new baby at their new home with a midwife and so much more. They were young and very friendly,  we clicked and we did the best to assist them especially how to understand the culture.


Moving forward, yes they had a beautiful baby at home as they wished. We were so happy for them. They would call us if there is any issue like communicating in Swahili with a plumber or at the store etc. We are always happy to assist.


As I m writing this, they have booked three  apartments from us, since the parents are coming  to see the new baby this Christmas. This couple said, our homes are the most welcoming and they want their parents to experience that while in Tanzania. My husband  and I are overwhelmed ! Looking forward to see that little baby for the first time. The joy of hosting - you get to meet people and  some become good friends.


Hope you will love the ARTWORK.


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Auckland, New Zealand

What a delightful story @Jennifer3056 .


I do quite like your glass conservatory set up.

Do your Guests ever tell you what an incredible place it must be on clear nights to enjoy the stars and moon?


Your friend's baby is very blessed to have the opportunity to be multi-lingual in years to come.

Maybe you could all contribute to a hand written journal for Baby for years to come to reflect on and learn from.


All the Best from over the lands and seas in Auckland, New Zealand

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Huskisson, Australia

@Jennifer3056  babies can be bundles of joy and this baby has brought friendship and added income through your Airnbn. Enjoy

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Kingston, Jamaica

A growing friendship. Beautiful story, @Jennifer3056! yup - love the artwork.

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