Hello !!

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Hello !!

Hello!! My name is Mili and I recently discovered this communication space on Airbnb. I would like to know if you can guide me in improving or better advertising my apartment facing the sea and the largest artificial lagoon in South America. I thank you in advance for your cooperation.

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I  don't   think     you   are     using  the right   profile?    I   can't  see  a listing?

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Hello @Montserrat124

If you'd like to, you can ask for feedback on your listing from fellow hosts. 

Check out this guide on how to: Ask for listing critique on the Community Center 😊

You can join the nearest Local Host Club to connect with fellow hosts local to your area. You can share your experiences, exchange valuable knowledge and get advice. Here's a link to the Local Host Clubs 🏡

Hope this helps! 



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There is no listing on your profile @Montserrat124 

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We love to help you in improving your hosting, @Montserrat124 !

The space and listing is one part - the host and hosting is even more important. 🙂