How do you get rid of hair in your home?

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Community Manager
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How do you get rid of hair in your home?



Hello everyone! 


There’s no two ways about it - hair in the home is something that we all have to deal with at some point.


Fresh, clean listings are so important, both for your guest’s enjoyment and for your reputation as a Host.  I imagine you all go to great lengths to make sure that there’s not a wayward bit of hair or fur left around.

We’d love to know… what are your tips for dealing with hair and fur in your listing?  Maybe you’ve found the most effective hoover, or a way of washing soft furnishings that really works!


Looking forward to hearing from you.



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@Jenny  I agree a hair.....just one....YUCK.. did you know that all people that have hair will lose between 50-100 hairs  daily esp. after shampooing. No wonder we have such a big "hair"  issue right? 

I'm all about vacuuming/and shark is my pick and lint rollers - one thing I've started in the past year is after the bathroom is all clean and dry. I vacuum inside the shower seems hairs cling when wet but when dry they take flight. So all clean, dry - I vacuum them up - and every time there are even small ones hidden, little buggers. 

I had a Romba vacuum and my little dogs were so afraid of it. I gave it to my sister and her grand kids put toys on it and love to watch it move all over. Different strokes for so many different folks. Best to you, Clara

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