Looking for a Co-host in Redding, Ca

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Eureka, CA

Looking for a Co-host in Redding, Ca



I am currently putting together a new listing in Redding and I live 3 hours away.  I own a rental property that includes a 3 bed house with leased tenants and a 1 bed guest house that I am planning on running as an Airbnb.  I will be occupying the space every other weekend and can help with turn over and management as needed when I am there, but really need the help of a co-host.  I am looking for direction/advise for finding someone.  Does Airbnb have a process to help in these endeavors? 

Thanks in advance,


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Hi Shawna,


If you are still looking for a co-host, I would love to chat. I live in Redding and manage Airbnb’s locally.








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California, United States

Hello Shawna, I was wondering if you have found a co-host for your property yet if not I Own Shastahosting.net I am a  local ( Shasta county) vacation/short-term property management team. if you have any questions please feel free to contact me I would love the opportunity to work with you and your property 

hope you have a blessed day 


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Sunnyvale, CA

Couldn't find Shastahosting.net. I am planning to own property in Redding. Management company help is appreciated 

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San Jose, CA

I would love to be a co host for you.  Currently I am cleaning airbnb's and I am VERY interested in hosting ♥

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Sunnyvale, CA

Owning property in Redding. Would need help in co-hosting. Contact me

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London, United Kingdom

Hi @Shawna71, perhaps it's worth exploring our "Get Local" page here.

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