Network & Meet other Host in the DMV area (DC, MD, VA)

Network & Meet other Host in the DMV area (DC, MD, VA)



I'm new to the airbnb world, I launched my new addition that was intentionally built for the purpose of airbnb. I posted my ad/profile and less than a week I got my first booking! I am really excited about this new endeavor and would really like to network with other airbnb host and possibly network, mingle, and make new acquaintances and friendships.   I'm not sure where to begin, but please feel free to hit me up and which groups would be the best if I am in the DMV area (I'm actually in North Beach, MD but I'm ok to network with DC and VA/northern VA area) with other host.





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Community Manager
Toronto, Canada

Hello @Marilyn489 ,


Welcome to the Community Center and Congratulations for your first booking🎉! If you are looking for local events and joining online local host clubs you can visit Local Host Clubs to connect and network.


We're happy to announce the Month of Celebration!

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Hi Bhumika,


Thank you so much for your response and suggestion. I will definitely look into this.


thank you and happy holidays!



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