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لو سمحت انا عاوز اعرف ازاي اضيف طريقه الدفع هل لازم حساب بالدولار واا ايه ممكن حد يقولي اسهل طريقه عشان النزيل يدفعلي


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Hello @Mostafa55 ,

First of all, welcome to the Community Center.  You can check the following resources to have more information on payment methods:


👉 How to setup a payment method 


👉 Payout methods  


👉 When you will receive a payout  

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Google translates:


"Excuse me, I want to know how to add the payment method.

Do I need an account in dollars or what?

Can someone tell me the easiest way for the guest to pay me?

Thank you."



The guest will not pay you, but Airbnb pays you.

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