Rare find!

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Lyme Regis, United Kingdom

Rare find!

I have noticed a listing that says "this is a rare find"  "this place is usually booked" with a lightbulb symbol.  Is this something automatically triggered by airbnb?  What is the criteria if this is the case?

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Victoria, Australia

Samantha62 Its part of the promotions for new hosts and can be around for about six months after beginning..... H

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Plovdiv, Bulgaria

Rare find means that the property it's usually busy/booked (example over 90%). This badge appears when you select some of the free 10% dates from the month where it's not busy. What's so complicated to understand?

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Pêra, Portugal

Not necessarily. I always had Rare Find until I earned Super Host status. Now it only shows super host, no longer rare find overnight. Nothing else changed.

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Concord, CA

@Nate16 @Sam-and-Beh0 @Samantha62 


Rare find can appear, disappear, and re-appear. I have seen my listings with Rare Find when it was booked most of time in the current month. It is also related to the booking requests in the next 30 days and number of views in last 30 days as well I believe. One of my listing has a long-term booking for three months. It does not have this but another listing was booked frequently in the next 30 days got this appeared. 

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Charlotte, NC

Reminds me of SUPERHOST which I just got back.  It is a LOT harder to be a superhost when you rent out long term units like we do because a 3 or a 6 month stay is going to make your place a LOT dirtier than having your cleaner clean the space 2-8 times a month.  I like my way better.

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Paducah, KY

I've got the busiest listings in my city (based off of review count) and mine are constantly busy, yet I've never once noticed the rare find moniker on any of my listings during a period of vacancy.  But I look at other listings in my city with 3x fewer reviews that have been around as long as me, and they have a "Rare Find".....someone needs to fix their algorithm.

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Missoula, MT

It's clearly marketing garbage, several "rare finds have been complet **bleep** in my experience.  It only trying to cause impulse booking as far as I can tell.

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Dénia, Spain

Agreed Chris, I'm seeing rare finds on so many new listings... how can a new listing, with no reviews and their calendar wide open (i.e. not a single booked period) say that it's usually booked!  😉

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Charlotte, NC

Rare Find is applied to profiles that usually book out of available dates. Im somewhat new to Airbnb and only rent out my home on weekends. Every weekend that I open on my calender gets booked so it only took me 2 months to get the "rare find" badge. If you really want this status I would just make sure that any open dates you have get booked, maybe that means closing some dates or lowering your prices. 

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East Gwillimbury, Canada

I am brand spanking new to Hosting so trying to get good reviews to build my profile. How do you acheive a "Rare Find" notice with a listing?

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Bristol, United Kingdom

You achieve it by....being a rare fiind 🙂 Your place is mostly booked out.


No-one knows the critieria.


I have never had it but am booked up most of the time, so it's not really something I worry about.

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Washington, DC

sounds like we should just call airbnb and ask

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Montreal, Canada

Hello Joanne,


I just started last year ( April ) and my apartments just got the rare find by them self. I do not know if you can do things to get it other than being booked most of the time.


Hoping that this answer is ok, welcome to Airbnb !!! I think you will like it !




Pierre J.

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Prague, CZ

me and my partner are hosting private rooms in the same appartment, 5 of the listings are on his names and 5 of them are on mine. when I search from different account listings on his name is always rare find and on mine never, even though we have 99% same. 

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Amsterdam, Netherlands


I've noticed it pops up when inquiry/request is for a period that already has some bookings, even if the months after are still completely unbooked. Sales gimmick like other booking sites saying "4 others are interested in this".

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Charlotte, NC

Meh...  I don't agree but I do this a completely different way.  We ONLY do extended stays with a 30 day minimum.   I have had year long stays, six month stays, three month stays and 30 day stays and everything in between.  So in my case, all my listings are "rare finds" because I am ALWAYS booked.  Your mileage may vary..

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Daylesford, Australia

The criteria is that it is usually booked! I have it on mine. Didn't do anything, it just appeared.

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Honolulu, HI

Yes, it is algorithmically generated by the AirBnB Website. Most likely the exact criteria for making it pop-up is proprietary.

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