Reviewing your guests

Reviewing your guests

Don’t you think we hosts should be able to give a star rating on how we found our guests? Just like guests can rate their stay?  Uber rate customers....

After a guest leaves I find myself waiting to see just what that thought of their stay.  Over 90% rate me 5 * but when you get those who chose to never rate 5* and always go 4* it’s very annoying

we cannot give guests a likewise rating, we just have the would you host again ....

guests need more hoops to jump through.

i just host my spare room .... basically what Airbnb set out to do....  

if guests knew they were being rated on more areas it would make them take more care when reviewing or their actions when staying.

i love hosting but currently I’m reviewing it ....

id love to hear what others think

sorry to ramble on

happy new year


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@Judith--Known-As-Judi-0 you can rate your guests, don't you do that already?

You can give them stars.

Or do I misunderstand your question?

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Every host has the option to do a guest review after each stay, Doesn't that do the same thing as a star rating system? 

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@Judith--Known-As-Judi-0As others have said, we do give guests star ratings on cleanliness, communication and rule adherence. Does the same not come up for you when reviewing?


Or, are you thinking that guests should be able to see those ratings on themselves?


I'm a touch confused what you're asking here...might be the New Year's Day cobwebs 🙂


Happy New Year!

No I’m saying that we should rate the guest as a star rating.  The guest rate their stay out of 5 it’s like an overall  view of their stay so we hosts should do the same ‘how did we rate the visit of the guests’.  Let’s face it an awkward guest can leave the place clean, respect the rules and communicate well.  All we get then it would you have them again.  We should also have a overall ‘stay’ rating too.  I’ve had some great guests who need more recognition and others who were got awkward or unpleasant but I reviewed honestly using what I had.

its just my thoughts.

@Judith--Known-As-Judi-0  The star ratings for guests are already useless, because they're only visible to Instant Book hosts, and deliberately hidden from hosts who are actually screening their guests. 


Anyway, I don't see what good it would an "overall stay" rating would do for hosts considering a request. If there was a problem that you feel hosts should know about, you should convey that in the text of your review. The numbers have no intrinsic meaning; it's the reason behind them that matters.

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@Judith--Known-As-Judi-0 In my experience, many hosts give guests fewer than 5 stars in the categories then don't say anything in the written portion of the review, which is absolutely useless as far as I'm concerned - doubly so because as @Anonymous says, any host who isn't on instant book won't see the stars anyways. If everyone was just honest in their written reviews rather than trying to "keep the peace", the review system would work much better.