Superhost Relief Fund - thanks AirBnB!

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Morton, Australia

Superhost Relief Fund - thanks AirBnB!

We have just been notified that we have received a grant from the Superhost Relief Fund. We would like to thank AirBnB both for their financial support, and also for their confidence that we will be able to recover successfully from the current Covid-19 crisis once the situation improves. We are currently still in lockdown, but the grant will help us to survive until we are allowed to take bookings again. We are looking forward to getting back to business!


Thanks, AirBnB.


P.S. And, before people ask - no, we have no idea what the criteria for selection are, other than what has been publicly announced - the message from AirBnB contained no more detail than that we had been successful in our application. But hopefully more superhosts will be receiving grants in the near future.

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Auckland, New Zealand

Hello @Ross634  & welcome to ABB CC from over the seas in Australia from Auckland, New Zealand.



You folk in Australia have been through hell & back with fires & floods & then this nightmare disruption.


I see they are talking about opening up your borders to Indonesia & Viet Nam where you have trade ties.


We look forward with open arms to see our border back open to our Australian friends  & others further a field.

Thankfully the air lines are working  on that bc otherwise we will be waiting for eternity..


All the best

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Auckland New Zealand 



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