Tapped “accept” but shows “request declined”??

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Branson, MO

Tapped “accept” but shows “request declined”??

I’ve had this happen rarely but more than once. I am 100% sure I tapped “accept” on a booking request but then it shows that I declined the guest’s booking request.


Has anyone else had this happen? Is it an Airbnb bug or is it something else (flagged account/failed verification/etc.)?

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Glenbrook, Australia

@Chris773 , Hi Chris I have not had this exact experience, however at times my settings, pricing, availability updates have not ended up being as I expected, at times details appear to have expired and needed to be updated, or re-entered.

I am uncertain why this happens, Maybe it is related to the level of reception from the device I have used, maybe there have been times when I have forgotten to log out, and so my entries did not make it through. Certainly I am of the belief that not all discrepancies have been my errors.

Constant behind the scenes updates and patching of the platform by IT staff at Airbnb,  would indicate that there are still elements of the website that are going to "play up" from time to time due to the high level of re-development.

A "decline" error is a very unfortunate glitch, and I would advise you to email the guest and let them know that it was not your intention to decline. [I would check and see if you can offer the guest a fresh set of dates,  probably you cannot].

I would definitely seek assistance from customer service via Airbnb Help, and have them reach out to guest on your behalf to communicate your "acceptance" and reset your calendar to be available to these guests. 

You are allowed a number of declines without penalty, but i am guessing this is not really your primary concern, and what you really want to do is accept the booking.

I hope that this reply is helpful to you.


Christine from Wombats



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