The Culinary Odyssey of "The Road Less Traveled Cuisine" and Airbnb

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Provincia de Guanacaste, Costa Rica

The Culinary Odyssey of "The Road Less Traveled Cuisine" and Airbnb

Hello fellow culinary and travel enthusiasts,


My name is Gilberto, a Costa Rican chef whose passion for food has led him on an unparalleled journey.


The joys of cooking, eating, traveling, exploring, and connecting with diverse cultures are the threads that weave the tapestry of my life.


Since my adventurous days at 19, I've traversed continents, savoring a multitude of flavors and basking in the richness of worldwide cultures. Each place has added a unique ingredient to my culinary repertoire.


Nestled in the serene Playa Potrero of Guanacaste, I've crafted a haven called “The Road Less Traveled Cuisine, Food Lab.” This 4-seater dining gem offers guests a chance to indulge in constantly evolving tasting menus. But our mission goes beyond mere food. We're dedicated to creating memories; moments that resonate deeply with all who visit.


Here's a fun twist: my culinary dream owes a significant debt to Airbnb. Coming from humble beginnings, my global escapades were largely possible due to my family's ingenious decision to list my room in Costa Rica on Airbnb. This initiative not only funded my journeys but introduced me to the Airbnb community worldwide. Years later, my first entrepreneurial endeavor - an Airbnb Experience - transformed into the cherished establishment it is today, proudly maintaining a 5-star rating since 2019.


Airbnb Experiences has generously spotlighted our offerings throughout Guanacaste, playing a pivotal role in our success.

In this shared space, I wanted to honor Airbnb, not just as a platform, but as an integral chapter in my journey. Their influence has been more than transactional; it's been transformational.


If you ever find yourself in Guanacaste, or if you're just a fellow dreamer, I'd be honored to share my story, my food, and the magic of "The Road Less Traveled Cuisine." Let's inspire each other to pursue our passions, wherever they might lead.

Warmest regards, Gilberto Briceño The Road Less Traveled Cuisine

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Port Moody, Canada

Hola @Gilberto213, Welcome to our Community.


Thank you so much for sharing your passion for cuisine in our Community. A few days ago, we were having a conversation about What local food would you recommend if I visited your town? —a thread created by our lovely Host @Bea2137 


It would be great to see your suggestions for other Hosts visiting Costa Rica in that conversation 🙂




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Omg! Definitely wishlisting this! Thanks for the tag @Paula 🤩🤩🤩🤩


@Gilberto213 glad to have you in the community! Hope to be able to book your experience when time permits! 🥰