What is the quote that defines your airbnb hosting/ traveling? :)

What is the quote that defines your airbnb hosting/ traveling? :)

Hello fellas 

We all have some life quotes that we use to describe our living, goals, ideas etc...

BUT what quotes defines so far you airbnb hosting/ traveling?


As host - Price is what you pay, value is what you get.

As a traveler - Take only memories, leave only footprints.


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What a great topic for discussion, @David10494


I'm an Airbnb guest from time to time, as I can't host at the moment, and the quote that defines my purpose for travelling is: 


"Some beautiful paths can’t be discovered without getting lost.”


I wonder if @Clara116@Kitty-and-Creek0 or @Robin4 might have a quote that defines their Hosting style.



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@Jenny  oh Yes....a quote I model and live by..

"Every guest is my first guest".

With the memories of that exciting thrill of pleasing and wondering what the guests will be like....what will they like most? 

It's proved very successful for me... being named the #1 Host for hospitality in the state of Florida 2023. 

I rest my case, I suppose

Lol, Clara 

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Good on you Clara, I am absolutely sure you deserve it. Keep waving the flag mate, from the look of some of the posts here, as far as hospitality goes,  we are a dying breed!



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One I have used a few times with my nice guests.


"You came here with a twinkle in your eye, you left with a tear in mine" 


And when I have a guest who likes to have a talk and a wine or two.....


 "Now come back soon, I hate to let a good drinking partner escape!"


I can generally drum up a nice/appropriate quote when the situation requires it! 


And this is a card I send to all my overseas guests on the anniversary of their stay here with us.......





@Jenny  @Clara116 

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@Robin4 I love your card, Great marketing with love. I will have to adopt your style with no commission.

Hi @Robin4,

I'm quite new here as a host in Vienna/Austria. I'm wondering, how did you get teh date of birth from your guests? Plse. give me a hint in that case. Than's in advance. Your notes so far are very sympathetic to me. Great ideas.
Kind regards, Peter

Hi Peter, when you set up your Airbnb account for guest, you determine how old one must be to rent your space. You may also, reach out to Airbnb customer service and they will definitely help you set the desired age groups for your home. Hope this helps, best of luck to you!


@Jenny Getting lost, spontaneous meetings.... makes best memories 🙂

I hope you will start hosting soon 🙂



Get in get out get on with your life

@Jenny I have a new slogan since being at the Summit in San Francisco Headquarters.

Let's Do Life Together!!

YES, Do Life Together!


for 7 yrs now its been "Every guest is my first guest"!! And its been wonderful...now doing life together seems fitting somehow.  As so many are moving, feeling and acting alone - and loneliness is massive. So "do life together" has a cool ring to my ears!!



As I prep the guest wing, I like to imagine I'm presenting guests with a lovingly wrapped gift.


Love these quotes! As a host, I've always believed, "Hosting is an art, and every guest is a new canvas." And when I travel, I resonate with "Traveling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller." Cheers to more hosting and traveling adventures!

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@David10494 , @Robin4 , @Clara116 , @Kitty-and-Creek0 , @Sajid24 


One word!  Shampoo🤣


We do spring, summer, fall  seasonal (just to clarify). About 40% of our guests come back anywhere in excess of 3 times per year.


Lather, Rinse, Repeat.



Btw, we just met up today with a couple who finished hiking the Bruce Trail, Ontario, Canada.  The Bruce Trail is 900+ km from Niagara Falls to Tobermory.  He completed the whole trail on his 70th birthday today.  Oh, and his reward.  A bottle of Bruce Trail wine.  Thinking that's going to be a souvenir. So I guess the 1/2 Celebration Beer at 10:30 am was worth the hosting and guest experience.  They'll be back to do the side trails.


Happy Hiking all!